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WTB a sidecar for Honda SOHC CB750 - in NC

I'm looking for a sidecar for a 1970's Honda - I'd prefer something classic looking, Velrorex, etc. I have a few of these CB750's and would like convert one to dedicated sidecar duty, or would be okay with purchasing a CB750 and hack combo.

Budget is negotiable, but fair. Willing to travel a few hundred miles for the right setup.

Take a look at the Spirit of American - Again add in -Sidecars for Sale . The sidecar is located in Rapid City, SD Let me know. This would look is great on your CB750.

I agreed - that would be a great sidecar for my Honda, and it's a very fair price. I also like that the frame is sort of "simple" and I might be able to change the tub out with a flatbed for hauling my whitewater kayak or something like that. (You'll have to forgive me if I'm wrong about that - I'm still very new to sidecars, and this will be my first bike with one. I've ridden a couple just to get a feel for it, though.) I'm fairly good with a welder and could most likely modify anything I need to meet my needs or repairs - and as much as I hate fiberglass, It's probably my best option in a sidecar for a bike this size.

The distance is the problem. I'm in Charlotte NC, so we're about 1660 miles apart! If anyone was travelling that direction and had the space to haul it, I think it would be a done deal.

Hi Chris:
Right now I have someone in TX who is interested. Her father designed the Spirit of America sidecar. You are right - the distance is a problem. I don't have anyone that I know of coming your direction.

The frame is very simple and would work well for what you are considering. Welcome to the world of the slightly eccentric.

You guys are only *slightly* eccentric? I'm in the wrong place - 2 of my bikes are Buells! I'm all about eccentric!

I have a Velorex 562 sidecar. It is currently attached to my klr 650. I have all the original attachment devices. I have the brake cable but I never hooked that up. I have a short windshield on it and a tall windshield on the bench. It came with a Harley light on the fender that a previous owner put on. I took it off. In good shape but not perfect

I have a California friendship 1 sidecar in South eastern pa