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Would Polaris/INDIAN Let Me/Us die?

Perhaps a bit melodramatic. Perhaps not!
People die of heat exhaustion every day.

Read about what Indian did at the blog:

Sad thing is this BILLION dollar company is doing nothing. Blaming it all on HANNIGAN.
The issue IS an INDIAN Failure!

The Magnuson -moss law makes it clear that it is up to Indian to prove that the sidecar caused the problem, not up to you to prove that it did not.–Moss_Warranty_Act
Has Indian done anything at all to provide you with prof that Hannigan caused the problem?
We had some issues very early on with the computers on Indian's acting up, before anyone really knew what was going on with them Indian tried blaming it on the sidecar. With our Tomahawk sidecars going onto Indian's we have a plug in wiring harness making it not possible to do anything to mess up the bike. Other then a hole in one plastic panel every thing can be removed so that should a major failure on the bike ever happen it could all be taken back to stock making it much more difficult for Indian to blame any thing on the sidecar that they never needed to know was ever on the bike. In general, most dealers will go out of their way to warranty items as they want you to come back and buy another bike from them. Most manufactures do the same as it is just good business.
Jay G
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Thsnks, Jay for the information!

Still no movement from Polaris/Indain. I’ll give them till next week then turn it over to council. Sad for a corperation to act like this. No honor!