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Wishing for snow


Kitty, Kitty...Kitty would perhaps like some snow to get rid of sweet.

We felt a bit incomfortable with her mauzing in our back while we walked through the rain forest at night.

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Kitty Kitty indeed! I think I'll stick with my raccoons and opossums!

Just a touch of snow on the ground here in central Indiana and 30 deg F. Waiting to find one more bracket to mount my winter leg shields on my hack.


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Not for everyone but a good snow ride is fun sometimes. Returning home from one.


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Nice Smitty!

If I procrastinate long enough, I might not get to use my leg shields!

Never needed a Reverse with a sidecar before. Wife and I have been known to push limits and end up in places not really a good idea for a bike.

So we made the call and having a Motor trike Reverse installed in the RGU rig.