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Winter is getting long/Garage time

Well winter has been getting to me so it is out to the garage to keep my sanity. This is the result so far.

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I love it, nice work

Hi John:
Tell us more about the rig. The seat on the car looks like it had another life. What is the motor in the bike.

Your passenger's ear muffs also appear to have had another life

You are correct Will. Here is the story .A few years ago I became interested in sidecars. So I did what I always seem to do and got on the computer and googled it. One of the places I ended up was USAC which I joined . I have a son that lives in WA. and we go out to see him often which lead to a trip to DMC and meeting Jay and crew. I also made it to Elkview Campgrounds for the sidecar get together there a while back. While I still have an interest in a outfit it may take a while yet. In my travels around the internet I stumbled on a YouTube video that had a minibike with a side car .It was by Rick Spencer. I was impressed with the ease of the build. I found a nice used Motovox with an 80cc motor and bought it. I then purchased the rest of the items needed and got started............. only to find out being two different type of minibikes it wasn't going to work the way he did his. But I have a nice shop , good friends and time on my hands. It went together fine and can be removed by taking out 4 bolts.. The brackets on the bike unbolt also so nothing was altered. The seat is made from 2 Harbor Freight mechanic's roller seats. I wasn't impressed with the seat parts and being an upholster by trade I remade then and while I was at it I made the arm rest. I also did the paint and pinstripes as I did bodywork for a few years also. The main reason though for the build is grand kids . I also have a VW trike and I take the grand kids to a large parking lot where they sit on my lap and steer the trike. I thought they might enjoy this a little more. I haven't given up the idea of a full-sized hack yet just got to find time on the project list to get it done. If anyone has any more questions feel free to ask away. Thanks John


I think your rig is awesome. For a number of years I have considered a mini bike sidecar set up. Found a couple on E-Bay but they were too expensive for something to just play with in the yard. Saw one in a local shop but it was way out of line cost wise. By the way, my number two girl went to college in Jamestown for two years. She was supposed to do four with a wrestling scholarship but couldn't take the cold. So she moved back to WA state to finish (try to figure that one out}.

Have fun. Life is an adventure.

Mike in MS