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Windshields Free Shipping

I just got this from Gustafsson Plastics.  Gustafsson makes replacement windshields for many sidecar models.  In many cases they are the ONLY source.  Shipping for big boxes [like the ones curved windshields come in is EXPENSIVE.  Shipping for my last EML GT2 screen was a little over $80, for a screen that cost about $300, so this might be a deal.  Note, we are in a window, free shipping is on and prices have not yet been increased.  No, I'm not an employee nor do I get anything free from Gustaffson.  I'm just a guy who has bought three screens from them [and paid shipping].

Quote Gustafsson...

"Since our customers expect free shipping, we are giving it to them to help celebrate Labor Day!  
Limited to customers in the United States 🙁
Prices will change this winter to include increased shipping costs."

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for posting this Al.