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Why is it so hard to business with some Sidecar outfits.

I know of two people right know one trying to get mounts and the other a sidecar. The one person called, and I guess they only want to text. I guess they have no one that can talk. Anyway, the one person made a deal for the mounts and is willing to wait for them. He can't even pay them. He showed all the text's It is unbelievable. Is this the new way to do business. If anyone ever read all these texts, they would just shake their head. I probably think there overwelled with work, but what's with customer service now adays. The other person is going to forget about even dealing with this outfit. The worst part is I sent both persons there. I do not want the post the outfit and I wish they could find better workers which is hard to find anymore.

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Post the the company. It may help figure out what is going on.


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I can only hope that your friends were not trying to deal with my (http://www.cyclesidecar) company. I distribute the Cozy brand. I get some customers that want to communicate by text, but not many. I'm not sure what you mean by "He can't even pay them" for mounts that he is waiting for. In my case I won't take a customer's money until I have the goods to ship. No deposits etc. I don't ever want to be "that guy" having other peoples money in my pocket for goods they don't already have. I'll speak to anyone at almost any time 7 days a week, but if a caller hits my voice mail I do actually call back.

Although I don't really know, I am guessing that most other sidecar providers behave in a similar fashion. I probably refer more customers to other manufacturers than I actually sell. My product is well suited to midsized motorcycles like Sportsters, Bonnevilles and others of that ilk. I am not the best choice for people with Goldwings, full sized Harleys etc. There is no such thing as one sidecar that fits all bikes. It may fit but is it appropriate? I like to talk with folks,, find out their needs and if appropriate sell them a sidecar. I don't have the need to sell one just so I have one less unit out of my warehouse. I would hope that my competitors are the same way. 

In my experience, most of my competitors are solid honest companies who try to do their best for their customers. There are a couple of exceptions but their reputation precedes them. 

I would really hope that if someone were to run into problems with me like this that they would reach out and tell me.  Maybe some of us are hard to deal with but I hope that most are not. My view is that you're either in this business or you're not. 

PS - I do not want to start a flaming war about who is good and who isn't, naming names etc.  I am only expressing my views and not being critical of anyone else. Those that aren't good will eventually eliminate themselves, 

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Like I said I don't to post the outfit. The don't respond to even take the order never mine the money. Every outfit I ever deal with would send you an invoice and then take the payment once they ship it or a deposit at the time the order was put in. They just stop responding.  I read all the texts It's hard to believe. It's a legit outfit and being around for a long time, I know they are going through some changes. I heard they got a new GM.  The only thing it might be is they have too much going on right now. At less I would think they would respond. I just hope they hang in there. They agreed on the price and time it would take, and no response to texts or phone calls.       

 By not mention the name a few things don't happen.

One others will have a heads up to do more home work before dealing with them.

Two the company may not be aware that some are not doing their job.

Honest criticism is not a sin. It may even benefit the company and those that work there.



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