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Who woulda thunk it

Doktor - 7/3/2010 7:39 PM

I bought my rig in March, I've been to Daytona Beach and back to Columbia SC area twice, I have seen a grand total of three sidecars besides mine, two were in the Lugoff SC area, and I saw one while I was at the big Harley shop in Daytona. I finally, accidentally, ran into the third sidecar rider at the local Food Lion store while the wife was shopping, what was even more interesting he and the other guy both ride Ural's, and we all went into the military within a couple of years, and we all retired, myself and the first guy I met retired within a few months of each other, the guy I met today, retired in 2006, after 35 years. The fact that there are 3 sidecars in 1 small county is unusual by itself, but for all of us to retire from the military is so weird.
That got me thinking, how many other riders are either veterans or retired vets on the board?


Retired from the Navy in Oct 09 after 30 years. I ride down to Columbia every month to see my mother in a nursing home, so if you see me on the road, stop me and we'll shoot the breeze awhile. I occassionally get my bike serviced ay Harley Haven in Irmo, so you might see me there too.


US Army 89-94 not retired but I am a Colorado state employee and that as close to retired as I can get at 39.

USN 60-64 EN2 USS Delta AR9 in Long Beach, EN "A" School in Great Lakes NTC, USS Conserver ARS-39, homeport was Pearl but we were only there 8 months of the 36 I was on board. Now retired from 29 years teaching Automotive Technology in WA, FRG and AK.

US NAVY SeaBees, MCB-9, 64-66. Now retired after 28 years in law enforcement.

Just national service at Bundeswehr tank pioneers 83-84. and luckily living now in a country were there is no army. Everybody is free to make up his own mind. Allthough my Goodfather is a retired UK Royal Signal officer I think as engineer in a 3rd world country I do more good to mankind then defending the fence that was right behind my village 1/2 a mile away parting Europe. Luckily I lived on the free side.

USN enlisted in 60's. USAF officer in 70's-80's. USN officer in 80's - 90's. Viet Nam Era veteran.
Retired from my State of Texas employment in June, 2010. Still loving my '05 Ural Troyka since purchased in 2006.

God bless all of our troops who protect our rights and freedom, and the families who await their safe return home.

Enlisted as a Tanker in '77, assigned to 40TH Armor, Berlin Brigade.
Switched over to Infantry in mid 80s, assigned 5/8 INF Mainz until '89, then 327 INF / 101ST ABN, Fort Campbell 'till 1993.

Here's to all you old Troopers, wherever, whenever, for whomever, you served.

Here I am saluting in an Iraqi sandstorm; don't remember why, really, but today it's for you all:


101 Airborne 1958-1960, Ft Campbell,KY.

US Navy enlisted 1953, out in 1959.

USMC, 68-89' Making aircraft part now. Semper Fi