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Who woulda thunk it

I bought my rig in March, I've been to Daytona Beach and back to Columbia SC area twice, I have seen a grand total of three sidecars besides mine, two were in the Lugoff SC area, and I saw one while I was at the big Harley shop in Daytona. I finally, accidentally, ran into the third sidecar rider at the local Food Lion store while the wife was shopping, what was even more interesting he and the other guy both ride Ural's, and we all went into the military within a couple of years, and we all retired, myself and the first guy I met retired within a few months of each other, the guy I met today, retired in 2006, after 35 years. The fact that there are 3 sidecars in 1 small county is unusual by itself, but for all of us to retire from the military is so weird.
That got me thinking, how many other riders are either veterans or retired vets on the board?


Retired army 1977. Driving a new Kenna powered by a '98 Goldwing SE. Having a ball in Seattle.

Disabled vet..Nam 70/71, retired civilian 11/17/09...

USN Med Retired.

14 years USN, much of it with the Marines. Left the service after 14 years as a CWO2 when I was accepted to grad school. Intended to go back as civil service or medical service corps, but married a Vermonter and that was the end of that.

Army, 'Nam 71-72, still workin. Would love to retire! Have lots of riding to do! 🙂

Basic training at Fort Lewis in '47. 96 bucks a month seemed like a lot of money back then. Squad leader, heavy weapons, with an 81. Mustered out in '50 during the Korean conflict.

USCG Jan '66- Jan '70

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Reardan Tom - 7/5/2010 4:54 PM

USCG Jan '66- Jan '70

The Coasties rock! When I was on a round-bottomed minesweeper feeling sorry for myself I'd ride to Oregon and watch the coasties intentionally capsize their rescue craft to practice righting themselves. No matter how many times I lost my cookies on that miserable MSO we never turned turtle like that!


My last station was the life boat station on Chetco River. At one of the stations north of us they tore the super structure off a 44 footer rolling it for drill. A message came down from district HQ that we were not roll the boats for drill any longer.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom