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When did CSC stop making sidecars?

I know that they had a fire. 

The fire was in 2010 and it destroyed the molds for their fiberglass bodies along with most of their sidecar inventory.

Thread about it here --  California sidecar may also be done with sidecars

They kept a "Sidecars" page on their website up until around 2015 but, if you clicked on it, the page just said that they were no longer available.

Any particular reason you wanted to know?

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       Just curious  I know a place in FL had purchased a lot of parts inventory  dealers had on hand as CSS abandoned sidecars.

Someone I know is about to hang a friendship 2 on a 1984 FXR. Should be interesting. It is coming off a GW so it will require some work figuring out the mounts.


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 He should have no problem mounting it to the FXR