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What to do when ....

What to do when the son has my rig confiscated?

First my son confiscated my Ural rig, then the CR government restricted the circulation permit down to every second day during daylight and the boss....My wife .... has me occupied inside the farm. AND IT IS WET in CR at this time of the year..

For the moment only mower and rototiller get moved by this servant. I guess once I get some tasks caught up there is as last change the option to finish my Jaquarna rig.

I miss the days in the mountains.


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Deleted userThane Lewis

Sounds like you might be able to negotiate with the son and wife. But the CR government could be a problem. And a real PITA. Why would they do such a thing? Good luck, my friend!!

Well, tomorrow I will get my Sophie Travelair for to bring her to technical supervision. At least some saddle time to look forward to.

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