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What kind of fuel to use in my 2006 Ural Tourist?


There is an interesting article written in 2007, updated 2008, by Bill Whisenant, owner of Motorcycle Performance in Madison, Wis., and pilot of the fastest Ducati in America (212.959 mph), about "Bad Gasoline" found here:

This summer together with my son I made the trip we were dreaming of for many years on a brand new Ural Patrol from Oregon to Alaska and back.
Oregon and Washington with their 10% alcohol in the gas were bad and stressed my patience. In some of the very few gas stations where they had non ethanol gas, the gasoline was of bad quality, so I felt like it would be a lottery to find good gasoline. Each time we were forced to use gas with gasoline the engine felt like it would run rougher ,vibrate more and pull less. Nearly each time the non ethanol gas was completely transparent and would not have the typical evaporation spill, later the engine was running rough again too. plus the gas mileage became worse and on high altitude power was low.

Thomas told me that at least in air plane kerosene the indication of transparent fuel is that the brands have got mixed and the fuel is not pure.
"Lukas" ethanol stabilizer did only improve on flat ground and down hill. Uphill we still got pingin-knocking.
"Stabil" ethanol stabilizer made a somewhat better job.

In Canada and Alaska things weren't that bad as there not any alcohol is mixed into the gasoline, often the regular you got in lonely stand alone stations did not feel bad at all.
Alaskan summer this year was HOT: frequently you saw the gasoline bubble up inside the gas filter.
The worst gasoline (supposedly premium 92 ? octane) we got at the Buffalo station in Delta Junction and caused us a bad time for to get to Tok. I must have bored an Australian rider rambling about that gas as he didn't salute at all when he left the restaurant.

At the end of the 12.000km trip I was not as focused on non ethanol gas any more. What I started to do was stay with premium from known brands like Tesoro, Petrocanada, Chevron and add Ballistol gun oil as water absorbent and anti knocking agent. 1 bottle cap per 10 liters - 2 1/2 gal. The same recipe my father used to apply each time we went to Austria in early seventies in his Alfa and BMW.

For shipment we drained all gas and added some Ballistol to cylinders and crankcase.
She started in customs instantly with our lokal regular gas after resting 3 month, something you could not always have in Oregon.
I am interested how the Ural will behave with costarrican gas in high mountain range when she comes out of customs. Here regular is 91 octane and premium 95 octane and supplied by one single governmental supplier.
Lets look and see.

How long does it take to get your rig out of customs? Its been a while, hasn't it?

In 1 1/2 hours....I will be allowed to take her home but will need several more paperworks before I will be able to get her registered.
I spent most of yesterdays afternoon in customs again.

Wow!! I always thought dealing with bureaucrats was a problem here. Glad I don't live in Costa Rica!! Congratulations on finally getting her back in your possession!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

back into posession is one thing, now I will have the struggle to get a number plate. the bureaucratic has me still in its fist.
As for today I will have to make inventory once again, as the boxes have been opened by some other agency.

Well guys, since i bought my 2006 Tourist I've been driving it in the sun, snow wind and rain. Up and down the mountains and in and out of the valleys. High octaine (91) is the way to go. It performs perfectly in all elemets and elevations with 91.

I have a 96 2WD with a 900 BMW engine coming my way. Should be here in about 2 weeks. What do I need to know about this thing? Any advice will be appreciated. I have only seen pictures of it. 2WD,leading link front end. About all I can say right now. Thanks J.R. Tex rep

Hello JR,
2 things: Do not engage the 2 wheel drive on hard surface. only when the ground is slippery : mud, snow, LOOSE gravel....
If You stay with the original Ural gear box. learn to stay with the revs in the the green area. above 5200 revs the gears do not mesh well and you can chip off the claws. (from 3rd into 2nd gear you have to change gear with double clutch and intermedium gas )

The 900ccm Boxer was something like 68hp. that is a 65% power plus. the drum brakes are not prepared for that possible surplus speed. so enjoy the power reserve, but control your gas hand for to stay on the safe side.

I still wait for the number plate and am interested how my Ural will behave here in our mountains. The first escape on "officer's demand" was fun. Gas change from regular 91oktane to premium 95oktane was hearable an improvement.
Sven 🙂