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What happened?

For two days I have been unable to get here as all I could get was a page that said the this site did not exist.
I got on this thine by clicking on the same mark in my favorites list as before.
Was the site down for upgrades or was it hacked? I was worried that it might have gone forever.

you were not the only one and for now I entered only with a www. in front of Without the www it still says the domian is available-

Our site was down for a couple of days. In contacting our hosting company, Steve Woodward found that through some unexplained circumstance we lost our IP address. On the internet, that's the equivalent of turning invisible. Although our site was still there and intact there was no way for the DNS [Domain Name Servers] to find us. Once the problem was fixed, it took a while for our information to propagate across the DNS cloud. That's why some folks could get back in earlier than others. My service has just been restored here in Minneapolis while Lee Colthrap was able to get in quite a bit earlier. We should be fully restored later today.

I need to thank Steve Woodward for accepting ownership for this issue and volunteering several hours of his time to getting it fixed. Thanks Steve!

Thanks Steve!!! Glad you made it possible for all of us forum addicts to get our fix!!