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What ever happened to sidecar training ?

The new Sidecarist has a good article on sidecar training. The MSF has no sidecar training and will not have it. The MSF is made up

of 11 motorcycle makers none of which offers sidecars. Ural is not a member. The Motorcycle Industry Council [ MIC ] and MSF

are 1 in the same . Same address , offices and members, they are in the motorcycle sales business. They are not interested in

sidecars. MSF used to be nicknamed the motorcycle sales foundation.



Are they not certifying MSF instructors any more?

Who owns the sidecar training material they had?


California no longer uses MSF. The CHP now contracts with Total Control Inc. for their mandatory training and also have multiple 3 wheel courses, something MSF rarely had.

Evergreen still has the curriculum, it was largely written by Dave Hough and amended by Dave Wendell.  Wendell is the Chief Instructor Trainer for that program and they are still offering the training.  The demand has really tapered off.  As he said in the article, to be sanctioned by Evergreen, all three wheel courses MUST have a least one sidecar training rig.  Apparently, some programs have lost their accreditation for not offering sidecar training and just training reverse trikes.

BTW, none of this has anything to do with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  They are not Evergreen certified [If I understand things correctly]  IF MSF is teaching three wheeled courses they are not using the Evergreen material.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

The rare 3 wheel courses taught by MSF are trikes only. No sidecars, their reply is to go to evergreen (which is far from a local solution). Michigan does not do 3 wheel and I don't think they have plans to. Michigan law does not differentiate between a 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle, so there is little desire for the course even among those who want to ride a trike.

We've had exactly 1 person contact us ever (Utah Rider Ed, we do about 75% of the classes in the state) about sidecars because in his words, "I'm worried I'm gonna kill myself on this thing."

We never heard from him again which is bloody ominous.  We don't have an official 3W program or certification but were willing to run a modified BRC2 skills practice curriculum (Bigger gates mostly, extra reflection around direction of turn, some exercises left out because Uturns on a rig are easy.) in much the same way we'd run any private lesson where we give more or less time and attention to a particular thing based upon student needs.

I couldn't/wouldn't sign a card to license someone on a sidecar but in Utah that's a non-thing.  Our funky tiered license is generally the item of greater concern.

One of the smaller outfits in the state runs the MSF's 3wbrc which is all Can-Ams and is basically just the BRC2 on the Can-Ams.   Don't worry, the nanny will keep you from doing wrong things... 😀