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What does mean the yellow scarf?

What does mean the yellow scarf?

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I've noticed in some countries when a vehicle is disabled (out of gas or broke down) the driver might tie a rag or piece of clothing like a scarf or handkerchief to the door handle, mirror or antenna to notify a passerby of an inoperable vehicle.

Don't know if that was the purpose in your photo or not.

Later, Bud...

 BinDerSmokDat » 05 Mar 2019, 07:24

I just saw this on sovietsteeds by "BinDerSmokDat": Same thinking or same person?
A scarf or rag in the door handle or the mirror of a car or bike has always meant "breakdown" to me.
The color is irrelevant, as most people don't carry/wear anything yellow.
It's usually whatever the driver/rider has available.

If there is a bike on the side of the road and traffic allows I always pull over to see if they are OK.
Cars I'm less concerned about, but have stopped for them as well.

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In Germany in old times the yellow scarf was sign and even a long term biker action for to help each other on the road.

The friendly helper my wife organized by phone saved me from heavenly tears... and emptied the budget for spares.

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Instead of opening the engine I found out about the history of the "yellow scarf":

It is about the beginning of the german BVDM Bundesverband der deutschen Motorradfahrer = federal association of german motorcyclists.

Here the story in German:

Now, lets have some lunch and pull apart the Ural Sophie Travelair, so soon she will be able to ride again and hopefully not have to wave for help with the multipurpose tool "yellow scarf".


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