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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?

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Rode across Portland to the annual Christmas Party at Cascade Moto Classics. Chilly ride (45 degrees) and cloudburst on the way home but overall a grand time.Those of us in Portland, OR are grateful for such an excellent dealership. It really does feel like one great big family.

Not wanting to take the sidecar out in the snow today, Petey and I did a brief run on the Trackster. The first for this year. Brief because I wasn't sure how long my jump battery would hold up and I didn't want to walk back.

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Petey looks a little forlorn out there in the snow.
More better in the cab.


Delivered a few cakes to a brother in law....tremendously my second occasion in a month to be able to use my own rig...Thomas, my son is using it and most of the time the garage is empty.
The Passover storms with horizontal rain arrived, so Summer is on its way now seriously.

Lonnie, you're right. But it's so noisy in the cab I think this is his least favorite of any of the vehicles he rides with me. Henry (the pup before Petey) loved winter and he loved to follow me when I was on the Trackster but would not get inside the cab for anything. Petey will wear the ear protection if I put the muffs on him... If he could consider abstract ideas he'd be as anxious as me for spring to come and get back on either of the bikes. That's what he loves.

Here is hopping all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. It was so hot today I had to take a little ride to cool down. I like back roads. This is one just on the north side of Williston, FL. It looks like an Ural road to me.

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Petey and I made a short cold ride just to get some photos in the snow. He got his hopes up and didn't want to get out to pose and didn't want to get out when we got it back inside the shop. Had to tow it back up the driveway because of zero traction on the compact snow. Once again, merry Christmas!!

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Yes it is January 2nd and yes it is South Dakota and yes there is snow on the ground but it got above 40 degrees today so I went for a ride. After 12 miles and watching folks ice fish on the nearest lake I took the long shortcut home. I only went a little over 40 miles - but I rode in January in South Dakota.

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My rig is happy to set in the garage. We were close to 26 degrees at noon. There are some pretty large areas of packed snow and ice on the paved roads around here and I didn't want to chance having to use my 4x4 pickup truck or tractor to pull the rig out of a ditch. Color me chicken.