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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?

Really glad to hear you're back in the wind. Hope it all works out well for you. My Triumph T100 that you mounted a Velorex on now has over 4000 miles on it and still rides straight and true.

Portland, OR

Glad to hear it Carl.


Saturday I played carrusell at the late Oktoberfest of a restaurant where the owners are: he, a former Jesuit monk from Valencia, Spain, and she, born in Berlin and grew up in Chile. The staff is international and after 10 years I was finally able to give the russian waiter a ride for to urge him to continue his family's tradition...ride 3 wheels....They left Russia when he was 15 and he spent his childrenhood in his father's Isch-rig. So when his kids will get born they should enjoy as many fishing trips as possible too.

So on Saturday a whole bunch of kids had their fun and many elders got a grin from ear to ear.
Me too...

Children in sidecar? Yes, 5 mph is enough to generate big smiles 😀 But some adults think that children need an adrenaline, not fun.

I spent a weekend in mountain hostel when we serve a weekend-long volunteer workshifts. My rig served as supply truck in friday and as a garbage truck yesterday. Luckily, for return journey I decided to try a new road which I never rode to hostel. As soon as I climbed a ridge, I saw heavy Yamaha quad rolled on side, a small (5-6 years) boy bleeding from head, his father holding his head in panic, and his mother in yet bigger panic, holding a year-old child. I used my vechicle First aid kit for a first time, then keehauled the man. He allowed a boy to drive a heavy machine, without any skills, with mockup-class helmet (that increased injury by cutting a skin), without any armor. Boy's arms are barely thicker than quad's steering bar... He drove on a bump and we ktow what happens in such moments. Injury wasn't very big, so they could leisurely return to village. I took the road to home. Few minutes later they overhauled me. Whole family on the quad, with wind in hair. Even GOPR (Volunteer Mountain Rescue Services) don't drive so fast in such terrain. Some people never learn...

Yes, children can have their play with automotive. But adults have to use heads double - for them and for children.

Backing from mountains, I saw a woman on bus stop. I often hitch-hike people, so stopped also this time. Her bus haven't arrived, and the next would come in 3 hours. So she returned home in my sidecar, packed with my luggage, her luggage, chainsaw, water tank, LPG tank and a bunch of smaller things. I didn't know that Velorex tub is so spacy 🙂 But - it took her an hour to return home and I had to drive only few redundant miles.

My hack had a hard-working weekend.

I am ashamed to admit that it has been 2 months since I have had the rig out. Harold and I did 140 miles today just enjoying the 60+ degree weather in South Dakota in November no less. I felt so good I may do it again anytime the weather permits. We have at least one 60+ degree day each month of the winter. When that happens a lot of other riders get the same idea. There were a lot of other riders out today too.

Cleaned the windshields and went for a 150 mile lunch ride with looking at bikes as desert. Going to do the same thing tomorrow!

I think I put my rig away for the winter. I has been a good fall here in the Black Hills but it appears the fall has fallen. Fall has also been a little limited for me as Doris had a total knee replacement. It was here right knee so she could not drive for 2 months so she needed a chauffer. That to say nothing about chief cook and bottle washer I am a pretty good cook if there are instructions on the package and the microwave works. Then there is the laundry.

Things have lightened and the weather has been reasonable enough to get a couple rides in. I did get a ride in on the two wheels. I made a turn through the Badlands. It was sunny but there was a skim of ice on the farm ponds. I saw a small herd of Big Horned Sheep and antelope. Then went on into Wall Drug for their nickel coffee and a doughnut for a buck and a half. They are both worth it. The next weekend was a little warmer and Will related our ride through the hills. Mexican food and two canyons.

Being home bound gave me time to finish decorating my garage (man cave/shop). The Monumental Rally Banner was given to Will but he didn't think his garage was worthy of the honor so at least for now it is hung in mine.

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Sunday, the sun was shining, the weather was warming, time to take the KLR rig out for some photos in the national forest, There are a couple of dead end jeep trails that have nice photo spots.

Remembered whitetail hunting season was in full swing, so wore the hi-viz yellow helmet.

65 miles from the house, all was looking good. Took a couple shoots , then the engined died! Good cranking, good spark...but no go. Then noticed gas running out of the air filter housing....WTF???

Long story short, the rig spent the night in the forest while I hiked out. Hitchhiked to the nearest town where my wife would come get me. She was not happy to leave the shopping she was doing to drive 65 miles to a small town she had never been to. Bought her a Mexican dinner with a huge margarita. Must have calmed her, as she then stated, "Forget that bike, buy a new one!"

Boys, I got a one in a million with her, gonna keep her... the wife, not the bike.

Next day returned with a trailer and help to load and get her to the house where I can tear into it.

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I jumped a day early in the week.
In the morning we mounted a half way fresh spare wheel on the pusher and my son Thomas trained cone driving.
After lunch i drove him to the COSEVI / DMV department in Cartago on the other side of the Irazu volcano...waited in the rain for him to be called for to make his driving licence...They didn't. He wasn't even in the list. :O :O :O

He is on the list for tomorrow !!!
Mr Alzheimer has got me 😮

Lucky me, migration office attended me yesterday a day too early. No one in that overwhelmingly crowded office mentioned that my citation was for another day. ... so at least I have a new foreigner ID card.
... and completely soaked riding gear from our ride home over the volcano.
Uppss, before I forget it.
I have to dry airfilter and drain the carbs for to be fit for tomorrows new attempt for a driving license.

Here's hoping today is a better day. And a dryer day. Good luck to Thomas. He should ace the test and be a licensed driver when he walks out.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom