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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?

My son Thomas took me out for his first own 200km journey on our Ural rig. From 2*3 lane highway over rough steep mountain gravel road to 2*1 lane serpentin he had a good mixture.
He came home a little sour but content and happy.
And I? Proud and happy that in deed my theory seems to be true:
The rig itself does teach him better driving, then a professional driving teacher could train him on a solo bike or car.
Rig pushing does produce better drivers.

Well, that's frustrating. I'd typed nearly the entire story, hit a wrong key inadvertently and the whole thing went away. I'll try again. A week ago today Petey and I left home on the blue bike pulling the little trailer loaded high. We rode over Stevens Pass to Marysville where we spent the night at Buzz and Lyn's place. The next morning we all caught the Kingston Ferry and rode to Gary McLuen's place outside Port Townsend. Petey and Jake are both in the Sit, Stay, Ride movie. We left Gary's and headed to the UMCI campout at Tim and Irene's outside Port Angeles. Had a fabulous time there with old and new friends. Left there and took the scenic route mostly via Hwy 101 to SR 16 and my daughter's place in Lakewood. Came home via I-90 on Sunday. Crazy traffic and smoke. We turned north on SR 283 hoping to get out of both. Finally got out of the bad traffic east of Soap Lake on SR 28. Smokey all the way home but not quite as bad here as it was in Central WA. Sure hoping the forest fires end soon!! Fire fighters and all resources are stretched to the limit.

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Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Yesterday in response to a call from my granddaughter , “Grandpa could you come visit for the day on Thursday? I would really like to show you my new apartment and job. Oh could you bring your check book and plastic I start college and need some advice.” I jumped on the Goldwing with Hannigan and drove from home to Clarkston Washington a distance of 224 miles one way. Early morning the drive was great, started out with coat over vest and then just the vest and finally down to shirt sleeves. By the time I got to the Snake river valley the temperature was just at 100 and smoke blowing in from70 miles away made for some uncomfortable riding. The return trip later in the day was just as hot but making it even worse was the quartering 35mph buffeting headwind. By time I got home I was completely worn out. and as a side note both my check book and Plastic are now out of service for sometime to come!

Took a 115 miles "drive" on my Triumph T100 w/Velorex. Rode west across Portland, then caught hwy 26 to the Vernonia cut off (hwy 47) Had a wonderful time riding the twisties fast enough that I had to "hang off" on almost every curve. Curves ranged from a marked 15 mph to 45 mph. Had a great lunch at a little Mexican Restaurant in Vernonia than on with more fabulous "ups, downs, and all arounds" to the town of St Helens. Then a leisurely ride into Portland's rush hour (ugh). All in all a great day. Will admit that this 71 year old will sleep well tonight!

I when for my short (25 Miles) daily ride. If I carry a bar of soap in my pocket and it rain ,it dose here every afternoon, dose it count as a bath? 🙂

Depends on how wet you were after

RichardMc4 - 8/22/2015 7:02 AM

I when for my short (25 Miles) daily ride. If I carry a bar of soap in my pocket and it rain ,it dose here every afternoon, dose it count as a bath? 🙂

We have rain virtually every day of the year as well, so I'm going to say it does.

What I can't figure is why my left boot fills up with water, but the right doesn't. I have two different sets of boots, and it's the same with both.

In a traffic jam I stepped off the rig to greet a dear friend on my left. Was run over by a messenger boy on his tiny 150ccm bike who hurried in between the lanes...I did look and had seen of him only his front wheel sticking out the back of a brewery truck. Luckily the boy had a good reaction and none of us 2 got hurt.
45 minutes for 4km one way 15 minutes back. All due to a Halleluya activity. Possibly the boy was a bit distracted too as about 80 Soldiers for Jesus with their bikes were lined up on our right.
Anyway I couldn't fulfill my task as the company owner was stuck in that jam too.
I will have to go downtown once again next week just for a few minutes put in service and test runs on a mini PLC.
Halleluya. How I love that crappy stop and go traffic in the heat.

Got cooled down later by a nice rain sitting as passenger in the sidecar. Thomas was the one to bump into a delivery damage and the Lady driver was calm...At least that toy ice scraper had a old style metal bumper. The drying cabinet I assembled a few weeks ago does do its work right now on our jackets and gloves.
Tomorrow is another day in Paradise.


Sven sounds like crazy traffic. Here's hoping today is a better day. We sure could use some of your rain on the fires here in the Northwest!! Yesterday Petey and I rode in to the grand opening celebration at the new Vintage V-Twin shop. Today my friend Les and I will go over to Vintage Harvest just outside Davenport WA but I think perhaps Petey will stay behind and get caught up on his rest.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Hi Richard, I don't know how to account for it but I have the exact same thing every time I ride in the rain, dry right boot and flooded left!