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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?


I would love to see your photos from Scotland. Might you repair your post?

Just to remember long time ago turns around Loch Ness. Last time I was there in 1985 I met a Gentleman who had a marvelous collection in his Grandfather's machine shop...28 bikes from 1903 on plus a Jaguar E #17...
Thanks mate.

Yuppie, thank you for the photos.
That is worth a pint to watch those hills, nailing sewing machines, the "Boat"....and blue skies up there in the north...
My finger cannot stay still watching it.

My poor rig has been in a shop for one week so far. On 8/4 I had the unfortunate occasion of driving down a two lane road close to my home when a van pulled into my path making a collision unavoidable. I consider myself very lucky to escape unhurt. If not for the sidecar balancing the rig I'm sure that I would have slammed into the side of the van causing untold injuries. What I have ascertained is the forks and handlebar are out of line as the worst of the damage. I don't know if the forks are damaged until the shop completes an assessment. Other damage included a destroyed steering damper and the fairing seems to be off center by a bit. Oh, the driver was ticketed for failure to yield right of way. she made sure to state that she was not talking on her cellphone. Suspicious?
Earlier, in July, while riding to the USCA rally my Valkyrie engine failed completely while camping outside of Idaho Springs, CO. So , I am down to my last motorcycle (VTX 1800R) while awaiting word about the condition of the '82 Wing, as I'm anxious to resume three wheeling. This collision is the first ever for me in over 50 years of riding. You never know when.

I've had some close calls when people pulled out in front of me, but have so far succeeded avoiding a collision with a 4-wheeler. I did tangle with another sidecar rig in WY this June and was nearly thrown off the bike when the other sidecar struck my front wheel. I wouldn't have guessed a relatively low speed crash could unseat me that way.

Yesterday we left Kansas City and returned home. We took the superslab from K.C. to Des Moines to make time, and then enjoyed a more leisurely ride on 2 lane roads the rest of the way. It was a beautiful day for riding, with little wind. In fact, we noticed many wind turbines were becalmed.

Today I changed these POSs (keep on snaping open at every bump!):

For these ones:

Don't think the Friendship 2 is too water proof anyhow with either one!!

Returned home from a four day 1700 mile round trip ride to eastern Pennsylvania where my brother picked up his new Mini Mate camper. I had forgotten what a beautiful state Pennsylvania is.

we took a nice ride to the beach and did a little surf fishing, then a nice ride home. ran into a little lite rain but it was a nice day

Taxman, did you replace your fork cover

97 1500 SE Motorvation II sidecar USCA # 8913 Double Dark Side # 1522 Goodyear Fuel max 175/60 R16 PILOT ACTIV 130/70 18

Not yet, Ace. I tried to hammer and straighten it out, but not very successfully. I also looked online at J&P Cycle and other suppliers with no luck. I tried a Honda dealer and they were a Hondaline product, but are out of production and out of stock. I haven't found one yet on eBay. Perhaps cycle salvage yards can find one for me.

Have you done repair on the sidecar body yet?

I hope you can find one somewhere

No but I did take the band aids off to see if it had healed itself, no such luck 🙂
I just have replaced the alternator, been sitting in the garage for a month
just too many projects going on at once

97 1500 SE Motorvation II sidecar USCA # 8913 Double Dark Side # 1522 Goodyear Fuel max 175/60 R16 PILOT ACTIV 130/70 18

I've got a fuse out now that killed the tachometer, neutral light, tail light, and low oil pressure and high coolant temperature lights. I thought I'd pulled the right fuse, but couldn't find anything wrong with it. I'll have to try again to find the right one. We leave this Friday to go to the Black Hills again and then to the Sidecars in the Flint Hills Rally at Council Grove, KS.

Do a continuity check on those fuses if you haven't yet. I had a fuse on the BMW that looked good but wasn't. Check them all with a continuity light or volt/ohm meter.
We are looking forward to seeing you guys again. When do we need to have Dana at his Wells Fargo to take control of the account.