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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?

I decided to try tightening the steering head bearings to remove the low speed wobbles. I also decided to cheat a little and not remove everything from the bottom as suggested
I just removed the handle bars and bridge, then I carefully cut the wires for the turn module going through the center tube. I couldn't find a socket to fit the 4 point slotted nut so I just used a punch and hammer and slowly tightened it while turning the bars from side to side after each turn of the nut, when I began to feel the slightest resistance I stopped and put it back together. I figured the actual torque was not as critical as it would be without the sidecar. I soldered the wires back together.
I decided to raise the bars a little forward to see if it would relieve some of the pressure from my shoulders.
Well the wobble is totally gone now and I couldn't be more pleased about that, I'm still undecided on the bars, I'll ride it this way about a week unless it becomes uncomfortable, then decide if I like it or not
the ride in to work this morning felt pretty good

97 1500 SE Motorvation II sidecar USCA # 8913 Double Dark Side # 1522 Goodyear Fuel max 175/60 R16 PILOT ACTIV 130/70 18

Jim Tinboatcapt, go over your rig and check...
5/16" screws in 3/8" holes where are supposed to be used 9/16" or 5/8" screws does not sound right at all!!!!

My wife once bought a Toyota Landcruiser (old style 3 shift). 3 weeks later I went straight towards a bus in a 90 degree corner.
Where a ball joint was supposed to be, the former owner had mounted a 1/2" screw that sheared off!!!
We later found dozen of similar hair splitting errors, that each one could have cased an accident!!!

Safety first!
What You found sounds like you need to check the whole rig for further Mickey Mouse solutions from the former owner.
Best visit a professional.

Thanks Peter Pan. I did check the whole rig, replacing all the tub mounting bolts including those that were the right size. I didn't want to take a chance that the others had been unduly stressed by the shifting.

2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

We got on the rig at 6:30 Saturday morning. it was 38 degrees F. We rode to LeMars, IA (home of Blue Bunny ice cream) where we met with friends to ride to Yankton, SD to attend a bike blessing in a park beside The Missouri River. After the blessing we went to a large buffet for lunch and then crossed the river bridge into Nebraska to the Gavins Point Dam/Lewis & Clark Reservoir visitor center and bluff overlooking the dam. We crossed over the dam back into SD and started for home where we arrived a little before 7pm. It was a very pleasant day of riding. We ran into some rain sprinkles near the dam, but it didn't amount to much.

Time for fresh rear rubber, @ 13,500 miles on original.. Should have done this before we had the sidecar installed. BUT, I did get to use the dolly that was an accessory, find the loose connections after the first 150 - 200 miles, as per installation follow up instructions. Hope I don't have to check every 200 miles... Off to HD for new rear tire.

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I took the -48 Indian out... and was able to test my pulling tope!! Clutch gone..(the DPO, did badly adjust it before I bought it, and it had only 58 miles... re-adjusted the clutch after I got but it was too late to save it!)...and all the bolts/nuts are finger tight!! I noticed that when I took the sidecar off to install an electric starter .... so after a year of ownership I've been to ride 50 miles!! Gosh I love my Ural!!!

Great outfit, love it. good luck with the clutch.


I would take your Indian sidecar rig over a Ural...or any other "modern" bike any day...........

What a beautiful rig! That sidecar really fits with the Indian's style. I've had my rig on the end of a tow strap several times. It really tows pretty nicely, though I prefer to use the full length of the strap. When rolling down the road at 45 mph you need as much reaction time and stopping distance as possible.

hdrghack - 5/12/2015 1:06 PM

I would take your Indian sidecar rig over a Ural...or any other "modern" bike any day...........

Not if you want to ride anywhere, anytime and be less "cool" but more effective (YES I am starting to be more than tired of the vintage BS!!!).