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What Did You Do With Your Sidecar Today?

WOW!!! That is a cool old rig. What is the tug? I can tell that it looks old Brit. I have seen pics of that sidecar in some of the old mags that I have but am not sure what it is either.

My sidecar story is that I am doing body work on an old Spirit of America. I am trying to have it done by rally time. It will be for sale if it isn't sold already.

The bike's a 1930 BSA Sloper 500cc, single cylinder with twin exhaust pipes. Good bike built like a brick outhouse but only a 3speed gearbox which means going uphill you either thrash it in second stall it in top. I've owned it for about twenty years. Make of sidecar unknown, possibly Triumph.


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No dedicated sidecar stuff lately, but I'm getting the tug ready! It's a 2012 DR650 with a JE high compression piston, cam, FCR carb, opened exhaust, airbox mod, and mild head work (cleaned up casting boogers). This weekend I'll be picking up the tire for my Velorex 562 and having it mounted, then ordering the subframe from the guys over at DMC.

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sounds like it will be fast


Your rig is awesome!

Mike in MS

We put a hand on "Banana Coco Split" a 2007 Ural Tourist rig that sat for over 2 1/2 years after it broke the skull of its former owner...
The clutch was stuck. after we pushed it out the shop the clutch was stuck in disengaged position. (E-starter worked, kickstarter and gear box no traction alt all)
it took 1 1/2 to 2 tours and 3 people to tap the clutch free.
one pull and flip back the clutch continuously,
one kicking over and over,
one tapping with a 3 pound hammer and pin driver on the clutch cage through the inspection hole...
after 10 minutes we felt the first reaction and with each clutch release there came red rust smoke out of the inspection hole!

We have a happy rig owner more in Costa Rica...a few more repairs and the "Banana Coco Split" rig can go to techical revision and get a new road permit...

Dismounted the sidecar to deal with a blow'n head gasket. She'll be off the road for a week or two. Sigh

Did you replace the Bank Angle Sensor with one for sidecars?

Took my Mom for a ride around the block - only took me four years to convince her. I turned 57 yesterday, my Mom is 78 Great day!

Me: : There's the seat belt.
Mom: I'd don't want strapped in, in case I have to jump out.

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Mary Jo Good for you

I removed the broke torsion rod so I can get it replaced