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Western/Southern Illinois

Hello all,
I am looking for the gentleman who rides the Goldwing based sidecar rig around my area. Seen him many times on 67 between Macomb and Monmouth. Any other sidecarists out in my general direction, I would love to meet up sometime!!!

Subject: Ill sidecarists

If ya ever get farther north; e.g., Morris or Dixon, let me know.
Sidecar Ron

Will do. I have to drive to the Quad Cities often so Dixon isnt that much further. Have any favorite driving spots? ~I am new to the area.

In Dixon, be sure to hit Lowell Park. After you enter the park, keep veering right (through a grassy are), then veer right again soon after you start dropping toward the river.

Also Rt. 72 (or is that 71?) over toward Starved Rock State Park (Utica and Ottawa) is a nice ride.

Sidecar Ron

hey ryan,

i'm up the great river road from you just west of the quad cities. i get to monmouth often as the farm king store is my big kids toys r us of choice.:>)

al collins
(dadbeem, on the west coast of illinois)

Hey is that the dadbeem of Oregon?
Sidecar Ron

hey ron,

nope, dadbeem of the qc.

al collins
(dadbeem, on the west coast of illinois)

Cool beans,
shoot me an email to my hotmail account, dont want to take up too much of the space on this forum:)