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Western Kentucky

Considering adding a sidecar to one of our bikes and would be very interested in meeting local sidecarists.

I'm in Cadiz, but would certainly be willing to travel if you can put up with an endless series of questions.

A reply to this thread would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


You could ride over to Hannigan Motorsports in Murray Ky and see their sidecars and get you questions answered there.

I'm planning to do that, actually I spoke with them last week. Considering a GTL to pair up with my 2006 goldwing, so asked about taking their goldwing/gtl out for a ride with my wife.

They were going to a show and will probably be back Wednesday of this week (10/12/16). I plan to call back and set up a time.

But I would still like to meet up with some sidecarists in western Kentucky to hear stories and ask questions that aren't being answered by a company with a product to sell.

They seem like good folks and their reputation is very good, but I suspect their answers will be at least a little biased.

I don't think you will find Hannigan pushing you into a sidecar. I think you will find they will talk with you about your specific needs and plans and then leave you to make your own decision. I am sitting on the fence on adding a Hannigan to my Harley Ultra Limited and they were very good about explaining options and my preferences and have left me alone since February when they gave me a written estimate. They definitely are not high pressure. I hope to ride up there soon as they are only three hours from me.

Did you ever pull the trigger and buy a sidecar setup? I just saw this post you made, I'm in central Ky, Richmond