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Well I crashed

Buy a lotto ticket, you are extremely lucky not to have suffered more injuries at that speed.  There are too many incidents of low speed crashes withe the riders suffered broken bones and worse.  Very smart to ATGATT.

Glad to see you are not quitting Sidecars. 



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     I was at 55-60 when it when down. By the time it entered the ditch the slide had slowed it down a lot. Had a friend right behind me with his sidecar rig.  He was able to give a detailed view of how it all went down. The lord had others plans for me that day.

         My last day of riding will come. It will not be today.  the sidecars are so much of a joy for Payton and others I could never let them go. I have my affairs in order and in the trust give sons and daughter the power to to take my keys and my firearms should I no longer have the the ability to to make wise choices.

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      Step by step the work to start over is coming into place. Stripped off sidecar mounts from bike.  Removed my reverse and few other parts I want to keep and or insurance would not cover fully. Reinstalled stock parts. I should have a settlement by Monday or Tuesday. I think Insurance company picking what is left of the bike up on Monday. Ordered a new helmet yesterday. Slightly different than what I had they changed the models.  Been down this road before, last time the insurance part was painless. We shall see if it goes that well this time.

     The people here are adults and for the most part have things figured out.  Just a reminder there is a lot to dealing with things like this no madder how well you are prepared. things like if you can having the tow company take the bike to dealer or shop you want right away. Saves everyone money and time. You may have to pay the tow upfront but insurance will take care of it.  Trusted shops will not normally try to inflate a bill by charging storage fees.  They will also work with you dealing with insurance adjuster.  Some companies adjusters are much better informed than others.

    If all goes well new bike will be here by Wednesday or Thursday.  And we can move on .


Glad you lhad a Helmet on and your Okay!

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  Well that's one way to get a new bike. Does the new one come with RDRS ? 

 No I do not want it. It would cause issues with sidecar and getting shut down in BCM and ECM may not be allowed by HD.

ABS and linked brakes work fine with the side car,. But the RDRS option would not.

Glad you are ok an able to ride again. Enjoy that new ride and keep us posted on the progress. 

Quote from 2FLTC on November 30, 2020, 7:54 am

  Well that's one way to get a new bike. Does the new one come with RDRS ? 

       Fate often kicks in. New bike showed up today and it had the RDRS system. We did some quick research with HD and they said no conflict with the BCM and sidecar.  The TC system can be turned off and on as you wish any time. Even though HD policy does not recommend sidecars. So I wrote the check.







thanks for sharing this story with us. And it's good, those scratches are on the outside of your old helmet only. That's what helmets are ultimately for.

While I understand, that it's more enjoyable to focus on your new bike, it puzzles me how little attention you seem to put on what happened, and why. By looking at the pictures on your flickr stream, the crash seems to have happened on a level and perfectly straight piece of road, which asks for some explanation, imo.

I think, really understanding this would truly help yourself to "get over it" and others, to learn something from it.

From your pictures, there was no apparent modification to the front suspension, like leading link and/or trail reduction. Even the steering damper was in place. The only thing which struck me is, that you were riding the tug machine as a solo machine, with a car tire mounted to the rear wheel.

Could that be the root cause?


 The bike had trike front end well test and done right. LEO cited road conditions. I had a friend right behind me on his sidecar rig. He said the back end jumped right then left and the bike was gone.  When back end jumped the front went into a stop to stop wobble in a second I was down.

    I had rode the Tug with and without sidecar. As i often do my other one. Made a long trip with it in TN and NC never any issues. As for dark side it is nothing new. While on a bear bike I don't recommended  it many do with no issue.  I rode one of my other bike through the same spot and felt the back end get lose . That bike was smaller and lighter.  Dealer felt there may have been a failure in the back end when bike made the first jump but the damage was so bad it was hard to tell. In the end I am left with going with the person following me and LEO take on the crash. After all I was rather busy while it was going on. The road had a lot of the tar snake patches in it. LEO cited the ruts , lose asphalt and bumps . What seems strange to me was until I went back and really looked at it I did not realize the road condition was as bad as it was.  I am not new to this and by no means the best rider in the world .   50 years and more miles than many would believe . It bothers me and I will be returning to the spot and looking it over more. It is only 3 miles from my house.

  Few years back I had an entrance ramp that when I came on aggressive the bike got real loose sometimes . Made no sense. Almost new road and looked great. I kept going back riding it, thinking something was wrong with my bike. After a while I found a line in that curved ramp that was like riding over a wet steel open grate bridge. It was just one line the size of bike tire and it got you every time. turns out the groves they grind in the concrete for traction were acting like a rail and moving the tire. After a while I could recreate it every time.

  We will miss the Gold bike. I had already made up my mind it was another bike staying here for life. I have one other bike that is now 25 years old We will never part with. So totaling it was a sad day. Insurance settled quickly and IMO it was a very fair settlement. Now we must focus on getting the sidecar repainted and adjustments made to mount it to the new bike by spring.  taking the sidecar to Hannigan for repaint to match and a full rehab . They will work it in over winter with other work. Ride down in Spring and have them mount it. Nice thing is they are only 530 miles away and it is a good ride there and back.

  I have pretty much always been a helmet and riding gear type rider. This is proved  it works Without the gear I would have been a mess. With it I walked away from it.