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Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the introduction section?

I am a newbie and still on the process getting myself to be familiar with the different categories in this community.

I work for an online shop called petstreetmall, feel free to message me if you are looking for dog crates, litter box enclosures, pet bed, and more.

Have a 65 FLH that I am attaching a 59 set up to...

The day I brought I brought it home from Dixon several years back. Needs some work (especially the tub) but it is mostly there.

It will eventually get connected to this...

Owned the bike since October 1970 ( my coming home gift to myself). Rode it pretty much stripped dpwn to the bare essentials. It is now getting a proper finish. Added the adjustable front end and a 3 spd + R tranny to it as well. Won't be fast but should be a great rider.




Looking good .  I've have one I'am doing over for a guy that bought it in 1970. It sat in his garage for in last twenty some years and rotted sitting there. Basically just about ever thing getting replaced.

Not sure what you need (or if I have it) but I will have some extra parts from this project. I am out in Caliofornia.

If you like you can email me



I appreciate the offer. It's being a long project being done in my spare time. I think I have ever thing I need a have to do some of the custom parts over, the bike itself is basically all stock. If I get a chance I will post some pictures.

Just joined, thanks for having me! Quick bio... 70 years young, been riding 50+ years, just got a pristine 2007 H-D Ultra factory rig, been looking for years! Still ride my two wheelers a lot but am loving the hack! gaining more experience on it each time out, slow and safe. reside in Butler, PA about 35 miles north of Pittsburgh. Looking for a 2007 HD side car manual, only thing didn't come with the rig. Name is John but Tag works too!

John    Congratulations on you new rig to you. This is not a hopping site but there is still a lot of good info. Your best bet for a manual would be Ebay but watch yourself. In the mean time I will take a like and see if I have a spare one. Which manual you looking for the owners which is the small one or the service manual the big one. If its the service manual a Harley Dealer might still be ably to get you one. In the mean time I check for the parts #'s for the manuals in the next week. Again enjoy your rig.

This is what makes the USCA such a great group, riders helping riders.  Thanks for doing that guys.

Hope to meet you in Mena, Arkansas at the National Rally, first weekend in June

nice pics Dave!

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