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Hi There!

I'm new to your forum, one of your members suggested that I join to inform you of a special sidecar tour in Greece. My name is Chris, and I'm the founder of the Greek Travel Gurus,

We've put together a very special planned itinerary for 2019, the "Greece Sidecar Adventure"  and we'd like to put the word out to your members.

Which specific topic should I put the information on?

Thank you


Thanks for have me. I'm new here but not new to riding and believe it or not, I even pulled a hack for 2 years. Back in the 70's. Sorry if is post is in wrong place.

I started looking for another chair as the knees are getting bad. I'll make a lot of mistakes and have made many, but I'm not ready to drive cages.


Just bought my 1st Sidecar rig on a whim & rode her home 619 miles. All went fine except for the torrential rains, my inexperience with sidecars, empty car, torrential rains, MadMax traffic, lovebugs, etc. Had 2 inches of water in the car when I arrived (prolly helped with stability). Remind me to drill some drain holes! The mint condition 2002 Moto Guzzi California EV80 /Velorex rig with 18k miles ran flawlessly and was forgiving my on the job training. Didn't run over any bystanders, and didn't hear any "screaming." I'm now hooked and looking forward to years of pleasurable hacking I'm in Jupiter, Florida. Wife says "I'm not getting in that thing..." So, I have some work to do there.....

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I had the Honda copy of the goose. CX500, the BMW wearing a push up bra. 😉 MG must be doing something right, to be copied. That bike was bullet proof.


I also have a Velorex sidecar. I've modified it pretty extensively, so if you want some non-expert plebian opinion of something, without bothering the guys who actually know what they're doing... Lol I've taken every bolt out of mine and put a lot of them back differently. Just got it back on the road (sort of, still tweaking and tightening). My lady seems to be all right with the idea in theory, but has reservations about fitting inside (she's 6'4").

Thanks Jeff. When I asked the seller how to access the "trunk" area, he said he didn't know there was anything as such. Seemed odd to have all that space wasted. I checked Vel. web site for my model 565 & saw a pic of folks stuffing the trunk. When I removed the carpet to dry it I found 2 keys under there along with the cheesy lock mechanism to access the roomy "trunk," Which was now full of rainwater! Thought I'd drill a couple of 1/4" holes, angled aftward, to try to prevent flooding. Whattaya think?

Check how it's leveled when empty. Obviously must be toward the trunk or you would have seen water in the front. Drill in the lowest spot (duh). Anyhow, just don't drill them close enough to affect structural integrity. Drill with a small bit so you got a center, and use the final size from both sides so you don't get raggedy holes. I see no problems, the fiberglass is around an inch thick. Vacuum the dust, fiberglass is itchy and it'll blow all over in the wind.

I forgot some models had that weird under seat trunk latch. I'm working on a lock for mine, but the 562 I'm just doing a cam lock on the top of the tub behind the seat back. Probably need to fab either a latch plate for the lock side, or a catch for the seat side. I found an auto door catch, it's beefy and I think it'll go on the seat.

I am a new member. I live in Houston. I just shipped my R1250RT to DMC Sidecars for an install. The Expedition Sidecar.

Right now there is a 5-month lead time on their builds.  I used HAULBIKES dot com for shipping. I sure like the driver they sent. The drivers are all motorcycle people.  


Welcome aboard Scott

sounds like you have put your new rig in good hands. Is this going to be your first rig. just because you are waiting for it to be built don't be a stranger

jump in and get to know the crew here.

Jeff_Online, you have me picturing in my mind a beautiful, 6'4" Amazon-like woman.  I hope she likes the sidecar.  You will soon learn if it is too small for her.