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weight for empty sidecar


just my 2 cents, I have the MVII on my Wing, I do have a 6 gal tank behind the seat so I have a little extra weight BUT it handles good without any added ballast. However about 50 more pounds and it rides like it's on rails. anything more and I start adjusting trim for the added weight. if you add weight keep it as close the the back as you can to reduce the nose dipping when braking
I don't run with any added weight But that's just my preference as I find this car very stable and hard to lift as it is. the only real difference I see when weight is added is it makes it ride smoother

Now this does NOT apply if your riding 2 up on the bike, in that case if I can't add weight I lower the car down to counter the bike sag of 2 up and I adjust my riding style

I will say Ditto to Ace. As I said in a previous response in this thread - I only ever had the car come up when I dropped the sidecar wheel off the pavement in a turn only to find it found a ramp to lift the car wheel into the air. I quickly reverted to my 2 wheel experience and the car wheel came down and sidecar life went on as it was supposed to. I did something to make it fly.
FYI - it is always a bad plan to have someone on the passenger seat and no one in the sidecar. That is asking for trouble.

jwshort - 8/22/2017 2:13 PM
FYI - it is always a bad plan to have someone on the passenger seat and no one in the sidecar. That is asking for trouble.

I agree 100%, but the wife still likes to ride on the bike, that's why I say I adjust my riding style. I won't do 2 up in any kind of twisting riding
flat ground only and no Big slabs either

Formula II on a Valkyrie, formerly on a GL1200.
I carry a group 24 car battery and a 2 gallon receiver tank with air compressor behind the seat for a bigass air horn. Maybe 40 # total.
Works fine solo, solo/pillion, and solo/pillion/canine.
No un-intentional flying the chair.

The weight may also depend upon your track - measured starboard side rear bike tire to starboard side hack tire I am right at 60".

I have a Formula II also.

Thanks for the ideas.


Avanell has 60# of bar bell weights in her little Texas Roadrunner outfit. They are bolted to the floor. Seem to work pretty good.
Tex. Rep.

I have about 30 lbs of weight in the empty sidecar. The sidecar & bike are set up for riding with a passenger, but I find that this weight is just enough to take the bounce out of the sidecar.