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Weight distribution

I just stumbled on this thread - not sure where I've been sleeping of the last few months.

If you drift over to the Hack subforum on advrider you'll find some discussion of a rigs wheel weight distribution - probably also some discussion of car weight versus bike weight - and lots of opinions on ballast and weight shifting in turns. All probably good subjects for chat at Corning.

FWIW with regard to rig wheel weight, most folks on adv [me included] have found that, regardless of total rig weight, wheel weight distribution seems to be pretty constant at 50% rear. 30% front, and 20% car. I got those percentages on both my old rig [a DMC + R1200GS] and my new one [EML + R1200GS]. Can't remember the weights on the old rig but on my new one the figures held from 1100 lbs [just the rig, me, and daily load] to almost 1500 lbs [me, passenger, and fully loaded for long distance travel]. All those measurements were made on truck scales.

I'm really looking forward to getting the rig on Al's scales at Rally. I wonder how rig and suspension set-up affects stuff, and whether it matters.

I hope ccjon [and Al, Claude, and Klaus] is open to letting tech session repeat/run over from Friday to Saturday.


So, am I going to have to worry about ballast when I hang a Hannigan GL2 on my 2012 Goldwing?


Once your rig is assembled, stand on the left footpeg with your right foot. Grab the handlebars with both hands. Now lean your body out to the left. If the car picks up "easily" then you should consider ballast.

Will do.

On my 2012 with Hannigan car I don't need to add any weight.