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We are going to catch our last 5 states

The old girl and I are going to catch our last 5 states this year excluding Hawaiian till they build a bridge. LOL Even thaw I have over 20K on it with the hack this will be my first real road trip with it. I do not consider a road trip unless it is at least 500 miles one way this trip will be around 6K. Being it is southwest will not be leaving till first of Sept as I hate the heat.

Then next year Lord willing as I only have 5 provinces I hope to get more.

Looking forward to filling in this map. This has been a goal of mine since I was about 10 and hoping to make this dream come true at 61. This will all be done on the same motorcycle. Have been is states on other bikes but do not count them.

How about a picture of the rig you're doing this with?

Camping or moteling?

I am taking my camping gear but if I have others riding with me will motel it more but want to camp as well. Much cheaper for a motel room when you have more then one person. Camping is fun but you loose about 2 hours a day setting up and breaking down.This will be a small budget trip but no matter where I sleep it is going to be great.

Georgia sidecar Club winter camp out.

Did not have the sidecar on in 2005. Picture from my Alaska trip.

Hello Jeff,
I was wondering what has happened to you as I did not hear anything from you for quite a while, when right now I searched for your last posts, I came here...great notice that You are about to hit the road to fulfil your dream.
I wish you all the best and good health.
Go for it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you have a Paypal account I would like to throw some gasoline change into it. You deserve some help just like my buddy Fernando and his wife (the former Jawa importers), who went to NC to see their son these days.

PS: For me too a 16 year long dream came true these days...a long stroker engine joined the family. W800

Sorry to say do to my sisters might not get all 5 this year but Lord willing I will get a few at least. Thanks Peter Pan. Have not been here much so busy and dealing with my mothers estate and sisters do not have a lot of time. But I will never give up till my goals are achieved or the good Lord takes me. At my age I do not have many more years to get it done but feel good I still have enough. On my 4th week with out smoking and with all that is on my plate right now I am happy with my progress.

What 5 are you catching?