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Washington Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board meeting

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Whatever happened in this advisory board meeting .,..anyone know?

The minutes will be posted as soon as the board approves them.

Basically, there was a quick discussion about cable barriers and the Rider's Edge training program.

A board member presented the concerns that were posted here about testing facilities and I responded to the board with the information I presented here. The board members understood the explaination of examiner proficiency and no further discussion followed.

The next meeting is tomorrow night (Dec 7th) at the Lacey Licensing Office. It will begin at 7pm. The agenda includes a DOT rep to talk about cable barriers and a Rider's Edge update.

Back in the 50's and 60's Washington used the cables on Hiway 99 around the Centralia and Kelso ares. I believe they stayed till the I-5 freeway was completed through there.
We riders used to call them "Cheese slicers". In the late 60's one of my neighbors was beheaded when he ran into a cable barrier on his Yamaha.

They weren't safe then and they aren't safe now.

(Former Washingtonian)

As an design enginner, I took one look at them and said
"Who in the heck would think those are safer?

Another interesting tidbit... the ones on highway 16 are
not even aligned well between posts... no quality and pride
in workmanship like there used to be among professionals.

It's sad that people don't give a rat's $%#@ about what
their work looks like, as long as it meets requirements.

Appreciate the reponse to the question I just posted.
Gotta say though I can see why you didn't post any info here earlier. The meeting was when? September 7th?
Seems like from what you wrote the issues presented here were pretty much blown off and that even seems to be confirmed by what you said was on the agenda for the 7th of December.
You also said the minutes would be posted as soon as 'the board' approves them? Don't you think that maybe this is a tad inefficient being as the next meeting is December 7th...which is tomorrow?
Sounds like getting the mess implemented was sure a lot more efficient than getting the problems with it addressed a little.
Of course I am sure the pros can descibe very eloquently why a lowly citizen such as myself can't grasp how all of this has to come about.
Things such as 'We th ePeople' and ' a goverment by the people and for the people' just doesn't have quite the meaning it did in years past.
How much coffee was consumed at that meeting anyhow. Did everyone have a good time? Anyone doze off after a day on the golf course?
Sorry for being candid and not politcally correct. Hope you are not offended. Oh and if you repond be sure to focus on what doesn't mean much. That's what most of the pros have learned to do quite well.
Condescend a little if you wish we will understand.
Too bad.

Yeah you could say I'm offended.

I spent 20 years in the Navy so you could do that though. Not sure about your service to "for the people" but that's ok I paid the dues for you.

I do my job with a very clear idea of who I work for, the riders, and other citizens, of the state of Washington. Just because those folks don't agree with your opinions is not my issue.

If you have constructive comments and solutions please share, although as a PA resident, I have no idea what Washington issues have anything to do with you.

Have a Merry Christmas.

If my comments haven't made me into a total fool in you eyes yet I do have a question. I had asked Al Olme this a few days back and he didn't know and hoped Dave wendal woudl respond to it.
Anyhow it has been stated that at the 2008 USCA Rally to be hosted by Mr. Olme there will be a S/TEP training and also possibly an instructors course. Mr. Olme saif that the instructors course would be taught by Dave Wendal and the basic training woudl be taught by the new instructors under th eclose eye of Mr. wendall.
My question is in reference to what you wrote here at in reponse to Vernon about training being approved in Washington state if the course was taken in other states. You had said Vernon's dirt course training woudl not be approved and then stated the following:
>>> Subject : RE: Washington State Licensing Changes
Posted : 8/9/2007 11:22 AM
Post #28329 - In reply to #1998
We do accept training from other states that have the same training standards as our own (2 & 3 wheel).<<<
So, from this can we rest assured that if someone takes the course at the USCA National Rally in '08 In Del;uth Minnesota it will count towards their endorsemant in Washington State? To be consistant th eanswer should be yes. If not please explain.

Uh..that response did not surprise me.
I did have what were constructive views in that post but you did not comment on them.
Why woud I be concerned with what has happened in washington state even though I am not from there? First off I do have concerns about fellow sidecarists no matter where they are from. Secondly I do not want to see what has happened in Washington to spread to other areas. By voicing how we feel here it may just help others to be able to see where the downfalls are and possibly avoid them in the future.
Oh by the way I am a Viet Nam vet. I was in the army and also the mechant marines over there. I was not drafted by the way.
With all due respect!

If it's done as part of the state program and a Minnesota completion card is issued, yes.

As you noted in my quote, we accept training from state programs not private programs.

Originally written by WashCI on 12/6/2007 5:43 PM

If it's done as part of the state program and a Minnesota completion card is issued, yes.

As you noted in my quote, we accept training from state programs not private programs.

Thank You and hope the meeting goes well tomorrow and that maybe the moinutes to the one held last quarter may even get approved.

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