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Wanted Type Ural sidecar

Looking for Ural sidecar (NOT 2 wheel drive) or Ural  type of sidecar.

Location LaRue Texas 75770 willing to travel 1,000 miles


Contact info:
Phone: 281-636-8443

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Might help to mention where you're located, how far you're willing to travel, and what kind of budget you have in mind.

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Drone THANKS done

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Try John Landstrom at Blue Moon Cycle in Norcross, GA.  He sometimes has used sidecars for sale.  He is a dealer for new Steib repops and might bet a Ural hack in on trade.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

You got a pickup?  This one's 1100 miles but if you call the guy I bet he let's it go for cheap.  Offer him $750.


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