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WANTED: Stories and article for The Sidecarist

Hey everyone, we need stories and articles about your sidecar adventures. Our magazine editor says he will have to recycle old news if he doesn't get some new material. So where have you been riding? Where did you go in 2022. Did you rebuild an old rig or buy a new one? We want to know what our members are doing. Send in your short stories or your long tales. All is welcome. 

Don't consider yourself to be a good writer? Don't worry! Write it as if you were scribbling a note to a best friend, telling them about what happened.  That makes it more sound natural, in your own voice.  We are not a formal stiff proper group of writers, we are a family of sidecarists sharing tales and adventures. Tell it like you were sitting around a campfire spinning a yarn.

Send your ideas to:

Jan Daub




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  I will try. The 2020 COV ride was fun

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It’s probably a good time to “finish” the “My Sidecar Journey (So Far)” I started a few years ago now that I’m neck deep!

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I have a few but need to convert all the pictures and write up stuff from memory. Right now just have no time as I wrap up things with the busy shop and start the impending retirement. gulp!!!!

Be carful what you ask for. 🙂 

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Enjoy your pending retirement, plan to be more busy than you are now...

We welcome sidecar stories all year long, though the number of stories we get drops after the summer riding season. 

Tall, short, wide or slim, all stories can fit in the Sidecarist. A weekend escape or a cross-country adventure, all can make for interesting reading.

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FlyinMonkeysJames Bagley

I got one in the works. Its from 2 years ago but its still worth printing. I got distracted with a few deaths of older family members and stuff breaking around the house and trying to hire any help at work that it fell to the back burner. Things are looking up though. My new hire is one year in and doing great . He just had his first child. My son and wife are in labor and delivery as I type this. So I am hoping to get back on the sidecar more and have plenty of adventures and photos for yall.

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