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Wanted complete rig,preferably Harley factory setup

Hi,this is my first post I hope it ended up in the right place!.I am looking for a Factory full rig preferably Harley and $12,000 or less within 10 hrs drive of 08525 NJ.9084210065 Carl. Call or text.Thanks

I’ve been think about selling my 07 Harley Road Glide(becauseI’m falling in love with different rig) . It’s got about 70,000 miles no issues, but a wear spot on seat. Working cam, oil cooler hi flow exhuast system heavy spring clutch easy pull clutch lever. High windshield higher bars s s cables with a Texas sidecar and trailer hitch. Burned no oil always used synthetic oil. $11,900. Plus a bunk house camp trailer $2900. Can’t get pictures righ now I’m Spokan wa. My daughters having a baby so we drove out.Rudyr

Sounds like a good rig to me, bunk house is a great trailer, Texas is one of the brands I'd seriously consider (except they aren't made anymore), and Rudy is one of the guys who knows what he's talking about on here. 🙂

Some thing to keep in mind, of all the sidecar on the market the Harley sidecar is the most out dated technology, pretty much every other manufacture in the world figured out before the start of WW2 that suspension on a sidecar is a good thing. Harley never came to this conclusion. The last sidecar they ever built still had pretty much the same chassis design they developed in 1928 with no suspension on the wheel. Yes the body is on leaf springs however the leaf springs are not dampened so you hit a , you know about it on the bike and the passenger gets to be reminded of it as they bob up and down on undampened springs. And sidecar from a USA manufacture (with some exceptions for really low end sidecars see the post on saferwhole sale and RT sidecars) is going to work better then a factory Harley sidecar.
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Never gave that a thought and have looked at their sidecars for years. Just never really liked the looks of that huge ugly spring, so i never bought one and now after hearing what you are stating, glad i didn't. I have a Texas sidecar and a Motovation spyder on two of my harley softails, like them both. THANKS for saving me headaches.