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Waited too long. Procrastination sucks.


I have been on here infrequently since buying another Ural in March 2014 (sold the first one several years ago). While spending almost daily contact on Soviet Steeds I would however come back here from time to time to learn more about hacking Sportsters. I got interested in the Texas Sidecars Ranger model and was in touch a time or two with them. Then for a variety of life reasons I didn't follow through. Crap. I was really surprised to go to their website last week and learn they ceased operations. I am guessing the trike markets growth is really impacting the sidecar market but they just don't reach into me and spark any flames the way sidecar rigs do. :o:-(

There are still many sidecars companies around, my company, DMC sidecars, Champion sidecars, Motovation sidecars, Liberty sidecars and Hannigan sidecars are the largest made in the USA companies. We of course have sidecars with bike specific mounts for the Sportsters starting at only $2995 for the NOS Russian Sputniks we are importing and $3995 for several of the models we build in house.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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Texas Sidecars didn't close because of the trike market. The Dardens chose to close because they want to do other things with their lives. Good decision in my opinion. When what you're doing isn't making you happy and you can manage a change you should definitely make the change. Congratulations to Bob and Deb and good wishes for your new lives.

Unless you just have to have a new sidecar there are a bunch that would work on your Sportster in the Classifieds right here on the forum.

Good for Bob and Deb. Is their operation the one that is being handled by a broker? I see a sidecar business for sale lately. I'm sure someone will pick up the marque just like they did from Ride by side.

We closed our day to day retail operation due to my health problems, but I'm still doing some fabrication and some installations. No big touring rigs though, I just can't handle them anymore.

Right now I'm waiting for a DMC Tomahawk that will be installed on a late RoadKing and a 563 Tour is on the way that someone will want mounted soon.

I'm still happy working with sidehacks whenever I can and consulting re: sidehacks when I can't.

Northwest Sidecars

Best wishes to Bob and Deb. Thanks to all that responded. I'm reviewing the current offerings and have recently read much of the information since I last inquired around in the Dec/January time frame. Being on my 2d Ural I am leaning towards a tub that doesn't look like them although I do like the DMC Offroad ones. Too many bikes now and can't add an offroad one though. I'll have to check into some of the other brands listed here and appreciate the suggestions. It always struck me as odd that there is such a proliferation of sidecar companies in the Pacific Northwest and West....very few options in the Southeast.

I was going to weld on some parts for my new sidecar but I had some procrastination that just couldn't wait.

Glad to know you're still in the game, and enjoying it when you can. My Triumph T100 w/Velorex you installed over a year ago is still running absolutely straight and true after 3000 miles. All my best to you and Judy.


Phelonius - 9/11/2015 5:17 PM

I was going to weld on some parts for my new sidecar but I had some procrastination that just couldn't wait.

I don't have the patience to procrastinate! 🙂

OK, I had to look the word up in the dictionary...
Long impresive word for something completely normal in Latinamerica.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow!"
My Jawa rig waits since October 2012 to get back on the street...Ain't that too long?
My wife just reminded me about poor Jolly Roger 2.

Sven :O