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Virago 1100 hack questions

I have a Motorvation two person sidecar currently attached to my '87 Venture and I want to move it to my wife's '91 1100 Virago. Will this bike be able to pull the car?

I have a Motorvation Formula II as well (SEE PICTURE TO LEFT). It is now on an XS1100 Yamaha and was previously on a stripped Goldwing after it was taken off of a Harley FLT. Ye sit will work on the Virago you mentioned. Mounting will require a subframe as the Virago has no real frame in the front.
If you click here you will see what Motorvation offers for a subframe.
Hope this helps,

The sub-frame shown @ motorvation's site has ball mounts. The eye type mounts are also available for your Virago. If you wish to fabricate your own sub-frame using weld on pad eye mounts (much cheaper) e-mail me at and I will send pics and info.

I think I will just go with the Motorvation mounts, but I do appreciate the advice. Thank You

Check with Motorvation but I think they may have gotten away from the ball and collet type of mounts anyhow. I have used both systems and the ball and collets are okay until they wear some..after that they can break. I have had the aluminum collets come out in pieces before. Have also attempted to shim those that were worn but I guess that is not advisable. I suppose if the mounts are good and tight with no chance of movement this may all be a non-issue.