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Vespa homemade sidecar - $1000 OBO

I purchased this hack to use the frame to attach a different sidecar body to a small scooter.  It is way too big to attach to a 50cc scooter.  The frame is heavy duty and is ready to be attached to a larger vespa (150cc).  The body is fiberglass, completely homemade, and would need some body work to completely smooth it out.

The sidecar is located in Phoenix, AZ.  I can deliver for an additional fee.

I can send additional photos if you're interested.

Asking $1000, OBO

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20230301_105244.jpg
  • IMG_20230301_105305.jpg
  • IMG_20230301_105308.jpg
  • IMG_20230301_105314.jpg
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Robert, that could be someone's dream sidecar. tell them where it's located.

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 That is cool. Wish I was closer to it for a look.

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This is quite a premier class of homebrew scooter sidecar. Interesting additional info would be: weight, brake on the wheel, width.

Quite a few years ago, when I was still riding the Jawa rig as probably the only regular sidecar pusher in the country (CR), a baker saw me a few times and he equipped his 150ccm Vespa with a "accourding to him" sidecar for to deliver his bread: The bicycle wheel on a thin walled 1" square tube frame would have made for a nice garbage basket... As it is said, "You get what you pay for." That baker had sometimes 2 flat tires a day. I haven't met him for over 10 years now, who knows how his story ended?

Your sidecar  looks like it is worth more then the amount you ask for. Good luck with your sales, 



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SOLD!  Thanks for help.

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