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Sad news in the Sidecar world. Was on the phone with Mary Sontag from Motorvation today and she told me that Vern Goodwin, who many here probably know, Passed away recently. Vern was an ICON in the sidecar world here in th e states for many years. He was one who experimented a lot with the power leaner concept which was later adapted by others for a while. He also produced his own sidecar called THE GOOD ONE. Many of these are still out on the road, We had mounted one a few years ago that went on to tour most of the country. Vern eventually drifted away from sidecar s somewhat and got really invoked with Indian restorations and vintage motorcycles. I think his family were actually Indian dealer s back in the day. Last time I SW Vern was at the USCA rally when it was held in Lacrosse Wisconsin. He was on his trusty Kawasaki Concourse solo bike. Quite a Guy indeed who will be missed by many many folks. I feel Vern is in a better place today but he will be missed here. RIP my friend! ..................................OBITUARY :..Vernon W. Goodwin Jr., 84, of Lincoln, died February 12, 2015 in Lincoln. He was born January 10, 1931 in Lincoln, Neb. to Vernon W., Sr. and Luella (Condra) Goodwin. Vernon was a member of the American Motorcycle Association, White Plate Flat Trackers Association, United States Sidecar Association, and to say the least was a Motorcycle expert and historian. He retired as a train man at Burlington Northern after 32 years. Vernon enjoyed working in his shop, family, and friends.

Very sad day indeed I last saw Vern at Joyces USCA 20th National in 1998 at St. Joseph Mo. Some where I have a photo of his black Indian sidecar rig

Bad news. Very knowledgeable man.

Sad news.
I was fortunate to have acquired one of his sidecars a few years ago.
It has the power leaner too.
Someday soon I'll add the sidecar to a motorcycle.

A couple photos of Vern's Indian sidecar rig and 2 of the ones he built for hid grand kids. These photos were taken at the USCA national rally in Missouri that Joyce Canfield and her husband Ron held in 1998

Attached files

I see that Vern's Indian sidecar rig is up for sale on e-bay