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SOLD NO Longer for sale - Veolrex 563 2019 model 0 miles, good price

SOLD I decided to get out of the sidecar game and remain just a humble motorcyclist after all. It's too complex, and I got to the point where I need to either throw more time and money at it, or get out of it.

No regrets, but I need the space in my garage for other projects. I can come back to sidecaring when I have more time and a bigger garage 🙂

0 miles on it!! 

I don't think I am doing myself any favors by asking $2500 for it. Any takers?

I am in San Jose California, and can be contacted at




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Becky, sorry to hear sidecars did not live up to your expectations.

If you want to sell this, add your contact information and location to your post. 


Oh! Good point 🙂 

Truth is, a Triumph Thruxton is not a good sidecar bike. I am sure it would do the job perfectly well, but Thruxtons are built for going round corners fast, not pulling sidecars. I plan on remaining a member of USCA, and if I find myself with a younger dog and a Bonneville, may well give it a try again.

There has been a change of plan.

  I hope you have not give up .

Sidecars may not be for everyone but they are great.



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