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Velorex USA Announcements

Sidecar Enthusiast or First Timer:

Velorex USA has been importing Velorex sidecars via its own distribution or as a spin-off of American Jawa since 1968. We have seen a vast improvement in the quality of Velorex sidecars over the years particularly since 2001 when Velorex added a heavy-duty suspension (adjustable rate shock), increased axle size and improved chassis and body.

A new Model 565 Tour with many distinctive features such as hinged cockpit, luxury upholstery, 130/90 wheel and fender, chrome brush guard, reinforced fiberglass body and heavy duty steel chassis was successfully introduced in 2005.

The new Model 563 Tour was developed in 2006 with the popular styling of Model 562 Cruiser mounted on the Model 565 Tour chassis with 130/90 wheel and fender to create a whole new riding experience for riders who prefer the sleek model 562 appearance.

All Models are pictured and priced (updates pending, contact for pricing in the meantime) on our website and the price includes the complete sidecar and the universal mounting kit.

We have contracted with several national freight carriers to provide extensive FREIGHT DISCOUNTS and we will make these highly reduced rates available to all dealers and retail customers. Please call us for a freight quote.

SENIOR CITIZENS over age 62 and ALL VETERANS who have served our country, we are now offering a rebate of $100.00 on Velorex sidecars.

Velorex USA
(516) 826-4184

So what was the increase in the axle size from the older 562 ?

Axle size was increased by 25%.
It is now 20mm instead of 15mm.
New swing-arm and shock setup also.

Lonnie Cook
Northwest Sidecar

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Are these inmprovements avaiable as a retro fit to the older models?
Also, are all of the fenders and lower portion of the body now plastic or are some of them fiberglass?

The late swing-arm ass'ys. are interchangable but will need the new 20mm brake backing plate and new 20mm Wheel hub to work. However, due to the lengthened swing-arm and frame changes the rubber frame bumper will no longer contact correctly.
All models now use frame mounted fiberglass fenders. Most have molded plastic lower body panels, 565T's are fiberglass.

Lonnie Cook
Northwest Sidecars

Thanks Lonnie. Glad to see them go back to Glass instead of the plastic.
Do you know whaich models and years had the plastic fenders on them?

Can I get a windshiel for a velorx 562 with a top??? around a 1990

Yes you can.
It would be better to leave this thread for MFG's information though.

e-mail or leave a personal message for Hack'n. here and we can get the specifics.