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Velorex Upgrade

Hmmm that Velorex shock tower looks a lot like the one on my Auburn. Swing arm does too. Is a brake kit a possibility, Jay? Electric trim kit?

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Brake should not be an issue if you are on a one inch axle, Electric trim is not all that easy to retrofit. If it were here we more then likely could do it.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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Thank you for your well reasoned and presented information. If I had known all this when I started, I would have gone a different route.
By the way, of the three rigs I am operating, my wife likes the Velorex the best for riding in.


Mike In MS

I am planning to rebuild my swingarm on my 563 and replace the axle with a 1" H-D rear axle. For a wheel I have a 16" H-D spoke wheel and disk. However, using this setup makes it difficult to remove the wheel because the caliper and disk must be removed with it. Using a trailer axle, the disk stays on the hub and the wheel is easily removed by itself, leaving the entire brake assembly on the car. Trying to figure out the pros / cons before I start cutting up usable parts.

This might become a project for next winter. I've got two vintage Hondas I'm restoring right now.

Later, Bud...

You will find that the Harley brake rotor is far to large of diameter for sidecar use. This is why we make our own rotors. You will also want to use a much smaller brake caliper. Check to make sure that your "1' inch Harley axle is really one inch. Harley has a habit of calling metric parts by SAE size's it could also be a 25mm axle.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

I didn't try a brake because of the hap-hazard way things are put together. I couldn't really see a decent way to operate it, and sync it with the bike brakes. No hydraulic rear. Plus I rode the car without, and it didn't seem too bad at stopping. Honestly, if I get a good sidecar, I would definitely get a brake. I would most like go with DMC, as well. My parts sourcing came from Tractor Supply, and they do have hubs with brakes available. I am also planning on reinforcing the frame some. I don't think the Shadow is too far off for the size of car, but I agree I wouldn't go much bigger. I guess my thing is finding out if I like hacks before I put too much money into a good one. 'Finding out' for me generally means I tear it apart, until I get the squeaky out of the dog toy, and see what makes it squeak. Sure, someone with a lot of experience could do it better and faster, but I will know all about it when I'm done. Not all about every sidecar, but all about the one I have. Then I will know exactly what to look for when I get a good one. Oddly enough, I've pretty much already made up my mind which company I'm probably going to use if I do, which is usually the last step for me. Then again, there just isn't a lot of them around. Someone like Jay helping out goes a long way with customer relations, even before they become a customer. 🙂 (Not that he's the only one, though, there's a lot of very helpful people on this site.)

I dunno Jay, there's a lot more people on here that have done that conversion than I had thought. A lot being in the area of 6, though, I guess it depends on what you decide is a good market. I think a Velorex with a 15mm axle is unsafe, and everyone should do something. You can get a 20mm axle from someplace, but I'm still not sure that's robust enough. The 25mm seems like your preference, I went big, I figured I need more weight anyhow. The 20mm IMO I would think about upgrading it, that 15 really didn't do much to hold up anything. I suspect the guy I bought it from curbed it without telling me and it was fatigued already, though. Not that putting a large friend of mine in the tub helped, he exceeded the rated capacity by close to double. (And yes he still fit lol)

Sorry this was so long.


I really want to see this rig when you are done.
Keep us posted.

Mike In MS

No problem! I was thinking of maybe writing it up for the magazine. One of the big paragraphs is going to be a thank you to everyone who helped, you, Jay, lots of great people on this site! 😀

Swing arm with axle went in the mail today.


🙂 Thank you!

BTW Spartan by me is selling new Enfields with Cozy Rockets attached. Not sure what a G5 Deluxe is, but they are an Enfield dealer now, and install & sell sidecars. I guess that makes them a sidecar dealer, too? 🙂