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SOLD! Located in Bloomington Illinois—Velorex 700 with extra hardware, for sale $1200 OBO

Includes Velorex mounting hardware and 3 Motorvation clamps and 1 Motorvation strut and some additional hardware as shown.  Hagon shock is on sidecar but Velorex shock also included and works fine.  Has upgraded axle kit and wheel (made by Lonnie Cook) but original parts will come with the sidecar.  Lower mounts are spot welded onto frame but could be ground and repositioned.  No windshield.  

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Where is this located?  I would like to look at it if you are not too far away.  I'm in central Indiana.

Larry Gibson

Come on JJTMD, you've been around for over five years.  You should know that you must post a location and price in a for sale ad.  Please edit to include the location.


Very sorry I forgot the address—in Bloomington IL—please see above.

I am interested.  What is the inside (hip) measurement?  It looks narrow, but that could be an illusion - can't tell from 2 dimensional photos.  I think 18-20 inches would be required.  If we wanted to drive there and look at it, would Tuesday Sept. 22, 2020 or Friday Sept. 25 2020 be a good time?  I am about 2-1/2 hours away and could be there before noon.

Thanks - Larry Gibson

Thanks JJTMD! I appreciate the edit.


Larry—it is 17 inches across.  Either of those days could work—would be best for me if we could meet at noon due to work.  I’d be glad to call or text with you about the sidecar (309-826-9251)  to make sure it is a possibility for you before you make the trek.  Looks like you have a couple of bikes—might work well on the 650 but be too small for the Indian.  I had it on my Victory Vegas until my daughter lost interest in riding.  Glad u found this website—I haven’t posted much but learned an incredible amount from other members!  Jim

James:  Thanks for responding.  The Indian isn't as heavy as it looks; in fact, it and the Yamaha 650 weigh the same - 550 pounds.  The Yamaha has about 60 HP and the Indian only 40.  If what I read is correct, your Victory weighs about 619 pounds.

My daughter and her husband live in Wyoming and they and their 2 boys used to ride dirt bikes in Montana and Wyoming.  As the boys grew, they bought a Victory (not sure of the model.)  They now have a 2016 Indian Chief.  The older boy, after graduating from college (and married), bought a Harley while his younger brother, now a senior at the Air Force Academy, bought a 2016 Indian Scout. We towed the Indian out in 2019 and rode in Wyoming together.  My wife has ridden with me on the Indian since we started dating in High School in 1956.  We rode and camped on the Indian to Sturgis in 1992. She now has physical challenges which prompted the search for a sidecar.

Tuesday would work well for us.  I will contact you by phone to finalize plans.  My cell phone number is 765/278-8593

Thank you

Larry Gibson

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