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Velorex 565

I'm new to sidecars and new to this site.  I have a question about my recently purchased sidecar set up, it's a 2005 Yamaha Road Star with a Velorex 565 sidecar.  I know from reading the forums on this site that y'all will be anxious to tell me my bike is too big for the Velorex sidecar and I get it.  My question is why is there so little information/discussion on the 565 model sidecar?  Is it an unpopular model, discontinued, dangerous or ??  Thanks!

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Welcome aboard Richard

I can't speak about the sidecar itself but I know there are a few here that have good knowledge about them and will chime in to help answer your question. I think the 565 has a dry weight of around 175 and if your Yammy is the 1300 your not to terribly off on the combo. post a picture and share it with us. I would say being new to sidecars maybe you should add some weight maybe behind the seat, maybe about 45 to 50 lbs untill you get a good feel for how it is going to respond, especially on those right turns 

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Good advice, Thanks!

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Richard, welcome aboard the HMS Sidecar....

As suggested above, post from different angles...many pictures.

This is the perfect scenario where a picture speaks 1000 words.


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  I own a Velorex 563 and it has lived up to what was expected. Have a friend with one also.

That said they are a low cost budget sidecar. Suspension leaves a lot to be desired.  Should be inspected for ware and slop often.

Often installed with simple clamps that work but they also should be checked often.

  Mine and my friends have been modified . We got rid of the tire and wheel setup. Changed over to a car tire and larger axle.

Pictures of your rig would be great to see.