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Velorex 562 seat install help

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Hello all! 
I’m looking for some help on installing the original  seat in my velorex 562 (year unknown maybe 90’s?). The previous owner had removed the seat, and ground off the rivets to the mounting plates and removed them also. I have managed to find enough information to install the mounting plates again and rear back rest but I am totally stumped on how the seat goes in. In the front of the seat it has a U shaped bracket with mounting flanges that mount to the floor of the sidecar and attach to the seat. The rear part of the seat is confusing as I see in the fabric indents where brackets might have been but can’t figure out where they would attach to. Anyone have any pictures of the underside of their seats or how to attach it? Thanks in advance! 

I have a 563 only difference is a heavier frame a chrome bumper . I can get some pictures after church tomorrow.








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Much appreciated. I have been banging my head and trying to hold back from any “custom” work so far. Thanks again. 

The tab holds the front the seat back locks the back (of the bottom) down.

I don’t have a tab on the front of mine like in the picture. I’ll throw some pictures on tomorrow but mine has a “U”bracket secured to the underside of the seat in the front. It secures to the tub floor with the bracket with 2 bolts. 

Here is what I have currently. The u bracket doesn’t make much sense to me as I’d the seat is angled down in the back it would have to angled back, which it isn’t, it’s level. So if I were to attach it to the tub it would put undo strain on the fiberglass. 

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The two hole in the front bracket get bolts that go through the floor

On your first picture mark witch way is forward so we can tell if you seat back brackets are facing the right way.

The rear bolts at the  brackets hold tub they are suppose to be Threads/Nut down not up

Thank you Smitty for the help. 

When I flip over the seat and fasten the bracket to the tub, does the back of the seat just sit on the tub floor? 

I figured that was the case with the bolts for the back rest when I was trying to get them re-installed. I think the previous owner removed the tub from the frame and put them in upside down. I won’t be able to get the bolts out unless I cut them or remove the tub because they bottom out in the frame, not enough room to pull them out from under. 

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Flip the bolts you will see it fits much better. I will send another picture latte tonight have to take grand daughter to PT.

Your brackets are correct


 Once you flip the rear bolts over The seat sits flat in the rear It is held in the back just by pressure from front. And the back rest once it is back in.

Open part of rear backrest is towards rear of Sidecar.



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