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Velorex 562 for sale (NC) (SOLD)

I have a 70's, I think, Velorex 562 for sale. New top, new windshield, upgraded tire and wheel from Lonnie's in ID. Cosmetically a little challenged, but solid body and frame. Seat is in good shape and there are three or four diamond plate ballast sheets that bolt to the frame. I also have a parts book for it. I put about 14K miles on it with my grandson with no problems. I have the frame clamps and the four "arms" that attach to the bike.

The sidecar is located in way eastern NC and I can be contacted by email at:

Asking $1500.00, no trades, no parting out. If I can get a picture up, the bike DOES NOT come with the sale. Sidecar only.



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I wrote to your email.  I was trying to buy a 700 velorex on here from a guy I think andajetts or something like that and 

after I send him virtually everything about him and already had my cousin lined up to drive to little rock w/ me .. he suddenly 

took down everything and disappeared. 

I recognized that sidecar that is an old 562 E, e because they were only supposed to be  sold in europe and you could always tell by the red
center part of the seat whereas other 562's were all black.. but yours has no front brush guard so maybe your was brought by someone to usa and

no shipped by Velorex.  Anyway , waiting to hear from you, Ron





Hey guys. Saw this and was wondering how the ballast was set up. Going to add some to my 562 as well.