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Velorex 562 fender mounting

I have a 2003 Velorex 562 sidecar that I am repairing/ repainting. I am in the process of putting the fender back on and I don't remember it being bolted to the sidecar body. But on the parts diagram it looks closest to the mudguard B fender and it shows that it should be . But with  the rubber body moldings there is a space between the fender and body. And when I refinished the fender you could see a wear mark on the fender where the rubber rubbed paint  and fiberglass away. If I should bolt them together should I make a spacer for a better fit?. Thanks  John

My 563 witch is the same rig the fender is not bolted to the body. If you give me a day or so I can provide pictures for you.



Thanks for the reply. That does look the same as mine. I don't know how old your rig is but I don't see any wear on the fender. Mine had paint wore off and was wearing away the fiberglass on the inner (tub side) fender. That is why I am wondering if it should be bolted a little more solid.So it doesn't rub on the body molding.

Never know it may have been lose.  Check for any wear in axle bushing Ect.  Mine is a 2014 build , but they don't change them much. The only difference in 563 and 562 is a slightly heavier frame and chrome bumper on front. they are a budget car so making changes to fit your needs is common. Mine has a lot of mines on it . It now has a car tire on the sidecar also