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Value of sidecar

I have come across a Hannigan 2+2 sidecar in good condition that came off a 1988 Goldwing which is the same as my bike and the same color. The price is $1500. Your opions please.

Book value on a 1994, (first year of the 2+2) is $1970.00. Deduct for any needed repairs.

It cost me $700 to buy the mounts and subframe to switch my Dnepr from a Yamaha to my Valkyrie. In addition, it took almost 6 weeks to get those mounts. Buying a car that already has the proper mounts for your bike is worth a great deal. A gentleman up here just sold a Hannigan 2+2 for $2200, there were about 4 or 5 of us waiting in line in case the first buyer backed out of the deal. If it's in good shape and all the mounts are there, I would go for it.

Thanks, where do you find book values on sidecars? By the way my wifes parents live in Marysville. We are coming up there for Christmas. lists them, but they aren't always realistic. Sidecars don't really lose their value as fast as motorcycles do, but they are attractive to a much smaller group of buyers. As an example, last spring I was at a Polaris dealership south of here. He had two used 2001 Victory motorcycles on the floor. Both V92Cs, roughly the same mileage, they even had identical National windscreens. The only difference was that one had a ragged 1991 Velorex 562 mounted to it. It was selling for $11,999. The solo bike was $8,950. says the sidecar is worth $680. The sidecar bike was sold, but I don't know what it actually brought. The solo is still setting on the showroom floor. A more realistic idea can be had by watching the ads at,, and even eBay. Watch to see which ones sell and which ones don't. You'll get a much better idea. Just my humble opinion.

NADA Apppraisel guide Or Kelley Blue book have listings based on feedback from Motorcycle and sidecar dealers on what used units have sold for at Wholesale and retail prices. Naturally prices differ in different areas due to supply and demand and there are no optional equipment listings/prices in the guides for sidecars. Like Sports cars and cycles price may depend on the time of year, condition, model, accessories and whether with or without useable mounting system. Harley is the only MFG that uses color as a price parameter. Why I don't know because a used sidecar is rarely the same color as the bike it's going on,(even if they started out that way).