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USCA State Representative - State of Iowa

I am pleased to announce the appointment of John Dennis as USCA State Representative for the State of Iowa.

John is a long time member of the USCA as indicated by his membership number #2330.
John is more than an enthusiast sidecar rider. He owns a sidecar business for the sale, installation, and service of sidecars. John’s business card is below. Do not hesitate to get in touch with him for questions related to the USCA, its membership, and technical issues on sidecar installation and service.

John Dennis is also the host of the famous Anamosa Rally (Iowa). This year, on September 9,
I traveled to Anamosa to attend that interesting rally, visit the National Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, and take the occasion to meet with other sidecar and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the USA. We all had a GREAT time except for….the weather!

Please, join me in congratulating John Dennis on his new challenge within the USCA organization.

Piero Bassi #4219
USCA North Central Region Director

Welcome John
Volunteers are what this organization is most proud of. And thank you Piero for the great post.

Welcome and thanks for stepping up John!

Welcome and Thanks

John, I'm very pleased to hear of your appointment. I have ridden alongside the Mississippi in Iowa and would like to say that you have some beautiful roads in that part of the country.

If there is anything I can do to assist you, please feel free to call on me.

Tom Hansen
NM State Rep

Congratulations John! I wish Washington had someone so well qualified at the helm...