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USCA Rally 2022 location and dates?

Duncan, be good to see you again. Decided on the weekend after the 4th of July again because before the MOA rally is too early, still a lot of snow up here. After may not give people time to recover from the MOA rally and then repack and make it here.


A little teaser from CCJON. An oldie but a goodie?

That was my first and last riding video. Thanks for posting Dana, had forgotten all about it.  

Brought back great memories of all the sidecarists I met, the rigs on display and the Colorado mountains. Also reminded me that there are areas around Hotchkiss I have not seen yet. I would enjoy a group ride at the 2022 rally.



We have a few rides planned. I think all will be entertained. I even have a nice trip up to the snow for the Ural folks.

First time to see video. Very good.

Heard rumor that 2022 rally will be back here. Nee  something offical


E Tex. rep

Ex se.

New ambassador.

J.R., it is official, the USCA Board approved holding the 2022 National Rally from July 7th to the 10th (after the snow melts in the passes) in Hotchkiss, Colorado at the Delta County Fairgrounds. 

Free tent camping, free RV parking. Rocky Mountain cooking, music and more.

Work is in progress on rally registration forms, pricing, etc. to be put in the January -February Sidecarist.

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Thane Lewis

wasn't there a correction on the dates, July 6th to the 10th 

Official rally dates are;

Start day is Thursday, July 7 cleaning up and leaving on Sunday , July 10.

As a general rule the fairgrounds are open to public camping all Summer so any one who comes early will have a place to camp but I cannot guarantee the park will be open for tents until the dates we have reserved. There are plenty of other places for tents in the fairgrounds just not on the grass in the park.


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J.R., you going to wrangle the RVs for me again? You did too good of a job in 2016.


I can possibly take care of it again.