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USCA Rally 2022 location and dates?

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Good deal, looking forward to starting planning for it 

USCA # 8913





There are 30 tent sites and 20 RV sites on the grounds.

The citizens of Hotchkiss have been asking when we might be back after a very positive experience they had with us several years ago.

Watch for more rally details to be announced as they come available. Registration will open in January. 

See you in Colorado next July.



hmm,, is that on the north west side of North Carolina 

USCA # 8913

A little more west than north...

Welcome to the Rockies, the best riding and weather (summer) west of the Mississippi

Looks like I am going to be the rally master for this one again so I will get some information on lodging and such on here in the next day or so.

As far as camping there is plenty of room in the park for way more than 30 tents but I had to give a number on the user agreement I turned in to the county so that seemed like a nice round number. Tent camping is free. There is also access to power along the park fence for those tenters who need it.

As far as RV camping goes there are a dozen or so parking spaces along the park fence with potable water and power connections. These are a small fee paid at the fairgrounds when you arrive. There is a massive amount of free, dry RV camping on the fairgrounds also. There is no RV dump at the fairgrounds. There is also a very nice and reasonably priced, full service RV park about a mile up the road from the fairgrounds.


This all came upon me pretty sudden so I need to let the lady who owns the local hotel know what is coming and I may be able to negotiate a rally discount, no promises but even if not the rates are reasonable. Here is the Motel if you just want to make sure you get a room but like I said I will talk to the owner tomorrow and see what I can work out.

A lot more to come




An overview of the fairgrounds.


Uploaded files:
  • Fairgrounds-X2.jpg

I know Dana will do a great job with the Rally and 2016's Rally in Hotchkiss was good. If still under the same management, the motel is a nice place to stay.

Surprised and sorry that the Board wasn't able to make NC work though. Hopefully in the future - with rally dates in June or September to avoid the heat.


2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

Did y'all give any thought to having the Hotchkiss Rally in June either the week before or the week after the BMW MOA Rally in Springfield MO?



2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

Are still looking for a good fit for a USCA rally site in the SE region, not for 2022 though. It's too late for 2022. Between COVID restrictions and rising costs, finding a rally site for 200+ in the East is challenging. Smaller towns and villages are our best bet, costs are lower, people friendlier, more room for games, interesting backroads to ride. County fair grounds and RV parks have proven to be good venues for us. 

Finding a cooler location for a summer rally in the south is paramount.

If you reside in the SE region and know of good rally site possibilities, please gather the contact information and pass it on. 

What does USCA require in a rally site?

  • Exclusive use of enclosed pavilion for 200 + persons for rally central, the sit down dinner and breakfasts
  • Onsite Tent Camping
  • Onsite RV spaces
  • Flat open area for sidecar games
  • Restrooms/showers on site for campers
  • Sufficient motel rooms and additional RV parks within reasonable distance
  • Security for attendees and our rigs
  • And finally, cost and date availability

Any good site candidates in your area? 




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