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USCA Rally 2022 location and dates?

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We moved to Ashtabula up on Lake Erie. Beautiful area, great riding. I’m planning to join a ride out of Zanesville OH. It starts on the 10th to the 15th of August.  Unfortunately I have to leave for NC for a family get together and then on to Appomattox for an Horizons Unlimited gathering.  Also plan to ride the Blue Ridge while we’re there. Have a great time at the rally. Really wish I could be there. Will contact you when we get back and maybe get over your way. Ride safe!

Looking forward to 2023 National rally in the North East.  Any Idea where it will be?


Still waiting for an update from CCJohn regarding location and dates. Anxious to start planning and hoping family weddings don’t interfere again this year.

CCJon and the Board:  If y'all are continuing to have problems locating a Rally site in NC, how about looking somewhere else? Maybe go back to someplace we've been recently that you know worked: Rising Sun, Mena, Hotchkiss; Corning NY; Sturgis all come to mind. There's also good riding in SW Virginia. How about the Fontana area in NC? BMWMOA is able to hold small get togethers there.

Or Iron Mountain in the UP?? Our recent joint mini-rally with BMWRA worked well and you should be able to cut a deal with the Ski Lodge on rooms. Great riding too.

It's getting awfully late in the year for Rally planning




2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

You may want to consider the Ironhorse Motorcycle Campground or the Four H campground in Appomattox Va. The first is the campground where Sidecars in the Smokies holds its annual rally. The second is where Horizons Unlimited holds one of its annual gathering of motorcyclists who travel around the world. Either may be able to accommodate the group. Just a thought.

Chuck,  I've attended Sidecars in the Smokies several times.  When I asked about the possibility of holding the USCA rally there they said that they didn't have capacity for a crowd of our size.  That may have changed now that they expanded.  I love the site and think it would be a great place for the rally.  Games might be an issue but we could work that out.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

A prospective location has been submitted.  That is all I have to report. 
Bob Davis

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Thanks Al, appreciate the response. I don’t really have any other suggestions. Looking forward to the announcement of the location when ready. Tough to find the right place. Don’t envy the job you folks have. Stay safe

Hope we get  news soon. now it takes a long time and lots of work to put on a rally. Lot of thanks to the ones that do all the work.


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Hope to post up rally dates and location within the week. Things are in the works folks, won't be long now.  


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