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USCA Facebook news 02/2015

We reached 2500 likes over the weekend .not as many as i want but it is a start .we have also picked up several new members from the facebook page . i am making sure any sidecar related meets are being posted .if any state reps have anything going please post it . Thanks , Jerry Blakey

Thanks Jerry, as a paying member of USCA you can ask to be a read only member of RACEDIS. and see the board page. Sorry I can't drag you out of NJ for the fla. rally. It really helps with cabin fever. As I sit here in Ohio watching the snow and it's 5 degree's outside. Ocala Fl. 70 degree's right now 77 on sunday.

Hope to see a large turnout in Ocala for Y'all come rally. I am still enjoying riding weather here in Texas,but understand you snowbirds are not so lucky. Ocala is a nice place to visit,so come on down
Tex. rep

Thanks for your work on the Facebook page Jerry .

Doug "Rain Man" Plotner 2nd Thief M/M chapter coordinator Eastern Panhandle WV USCA #8789 01 883C Sportster /Velorex combo 95 Ultra Classic Electra Glide /California Friendship combo Iron Butt Association member